Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Dibotelo running scared after demonic death threats

Chief Justice of the High Court of Botswana Maruping Dibotelo fears for his life after a demonic sigil was sent to his office casting a death curse on him.

The visceral fear of witchcraft and sorcery which has plagued the Botswana High Court for some time escalated into a demonic panic last week following an arcane letter giving the Chief Justice 14 days to step down from the bench or suffer a hex death.

The demonic sigil was packaged as a pagan feretory complete with a decomposing lizard and a malevolent letter written in what seems like a scary umbilical-noose typeface stating: “This is imported witchcraft it is powerful and effective, you must step down within 14 days after reading this message otherwise you will die a slow painful death like this reptile.

The letter further states: “Let us cross our fingers if you do not believe it u evil man u have victimized a lot of people your position which you did not qualify in the first place (sic).

“You used to despise your predecessor just because he was Kalanga. Shame on u! What about your own daughter who is madly in love with another Kalanga, would you disown her (sic). Indeed the Chickens have come home to roost.” (sic)

The case has been reported to Borakanelo Police Station in Gaborone who have launched an investigation into the creepy hex death threat.

Borakanelo Police Station Commander, Assistant Superintendent Moagaesi confirmed that they were investigating the curse-casting threats against the Chief Justice, but could not disclose details saying the investigating officer handling the case was out of the office.

The Botswana judiciary has for more than two years been rocked by an ugly fight, complete with macabre stories of witchcraft.

Twelve Judges of the High Court signed a petition two years ago stating that the Chief Justice occasionally claimed that his traditional doctor had warned him that his colleagues were bewitching him and was confident that the omens of this would be clear in the coming rainy season when lightning would strike with catastrophic effect. They threatened to reveal even more sensitive material behind closed doors.


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