Monday, May 23, 2022

Different events lined up to raise money for Abian

Athough the year began with bad news about a 14-year-old Motswana girl, Abian Ntshabele, who is currently battling a rare form of ovarian cancer known as Immature Teratoma, different promoters and artists have also chipped in as they are busy making events aimed at raising funds to help the young girl undergo surgery.

One such event will be held end of this month at Masakeng Morwa. Speaking to the organisers of the event, Taolo Entaile mentioned that the event is expected to raise as much as P100 000 for Abian. “The event is also a thank you party as we are grateful to the attendance we got from the people and now with this issue about Abby we thought it would be a perfect time to do this show so that we raise money for her,” she said.

He added that they are expecting a large turnout as this is a very serious condition that needs to be attended to. Entaile said they will be both international and local artists performing at the event. He said not only will they be raising money for Abian, but they will also donate to five students they have identified who need financial support.

Another group who have taken it their mission to help Abian is Rebels social club. The group has thus far raised P20 000 for the young girl and are determined to raise even more. The group spokesperson, Kitso Molatlhegi, mentioned that they are now aiming at raising P50 000 before the end of this month through different activities that they do. “We have different activities lined up which include car washes which will be held on the 18th in Mochudi next to Bee6 bar and on Friday we will have a music entertainment at the same bar,” she said.

Molatlhegi emphasised that all money raised will go to Abby and they hope that all Batswana’s help will be enough to enable the girl to go through with the surgery. Not only is Abby receiving love from locals but she has been making international news and some artists from other countries have shown their support. One such is Motswako artist Casper Nyovest who parted with P15 000 to help the young girl.

Abian is very ill and requires specialist treatment that is not available in the UK. She can get the treatment she requires from a specialist children’s hospital in China, but unfortunately due to lack of funds she has still not been able to get help. All money donated can go a long way and the public is encouraged to donate as much as possible so that an estimated P500 000 can be raised.

To help Abian Ntshabele, kindly donate whatever you can to her FNB acc # 62263884291 main branch Botswana. UK bank account details HSBC Bank, Acc 42013940, sort code 400917. The acc is in her name.


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