Monday, February 26, 2024

Dimension Data celebrates its Silver Jubilee

Dimension Data Botswana recently celebrated its 25th anniversary at the BOBS building in Gaborone. Since its inception in 1993, the global systems integrator and managed services provider that designs, manages, and optimizes today’s evolving technology environments to enable its clients to leverage data in a digital age continues to grow in size employing over 60 people in Botswana.

Speaking at the press conference, Dimension Data’s CEO for Middle East and Africa Mr Grant Bodley said, “We would like to send a big thank you to Botswana and we look forward to doing business for another 25 years and beyond.”

Dimension Data is committed to the development of Botswana through creation of employment, training and various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Out of the more than 60 people only 3 are expatriates with the key management positions held by Batswana. The company graduate program has been running since 2012 providing exceptional development and career prospects for the young people of Botswana.

The company CSI program called Heads, Hearts and Hands is dedicated to growing the communities of Botswana and has contributed significantly to the development of education and sports. Dimension Data has introduced Saturday School e ÔÇô learning program, a tutoring program for Junior Certificate students. Through this program, Dimension Data offers tutorials to students in maths, science and English.

Dimension Data Botswana Managing Director Mr Duncan Pie said, they understand the impact that education can have across the development of societies and hope that these programs reaffirm the company’s commitment to grow Botswana.

Mr Pie mentioned that Botswana’s ICT market is growing and changing, and clients have come to welcome their products and services.

“Botswana is such an open country which has progressed when it comes to technology and I think there is an opportunity for technology to make a difference to the economy,” Bodley said.

Dimension data will host its annual Mountain Bike Cycling race on the 29th of July 2018.


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