Sunday, April 21, 2024

DIS ordered Ombudsman to Suspend officer

A senior ombudsman investigator has been suspended from duty after being described as a “security threat”.

It is understood that the Directorate of Intelligence Service recently ordered the Ombudsman to suspend its senior investigator on allegations of security concerns.

It is alleged that a senior officer, Mpho Ngwato, at the ombudsman’s office, was recently suspended from duty after the officer was following information about Botswana passports.

During her investigations, the Directorate of Intelligence Service is said to have felt that the officer did not have the jurisdiction to investigate that matter because the matter was a security issue.

Speaking to Sunday Standard on Friday the Ombudsman, Ofentse Lepodisi, confirmed the suspension that was effected two weeks ago.
He explained that the senior officer was at first investigated by his office over administration matters but later they were informed by the Directorate of Intelligence Service that they were investigating the officer on a separate matter.

“DIS did not specify exactly the contents of their investigations therefore I felt that the officer should be suspected from duty,” said Lepodisi.

He added, “I do not have time frame when our own investigation will be complete but I hope the investigations will be fast tracked. But about DIS investigation, they are in a better position to answer for themselves.”

He said there are some issues that his office can not investigate, especially when it comes to security matters.

However he strongly denied that his office was put under pressure to suspend the officer.

“My office is independent, therefore, there is nobody who can order or put me under pressure,” he said.

He added that some time ago one of the senior officers was dismissed from work but on a separate matter.



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