Monday, October 25, 2021

DIS owes founding operatives millions in back-payments

Scores of Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) officers have threatened to take action against their Director General Isaac Kgosi over mysterious salary arrears they are allegedly owed. 

Sunday Standard has unearthed information showing that the first batch of DIS trainees and the second one recruited in 2009 and completed their training in 2011 are yet to be paid their salaries for those years.

It is not clear why the salaries for officers who are former BDF and Botswana Police officers and government security officers were not paid. They were only paid salaries beginning of 2011 despite the fact that they had been confirmed in 2009.

Sunday Standard is possession of a letter titled “Enough is enough with Isaac Kgosi” purportedly addressed to among others Minister of Tourism Tshekedi Khama and Speaker of the National Assembly Gladys Kokorwe in which the officers express their grievances over the salaries they are owed by the shadowy spy unit. 

The letter which was apparently copied to Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Central Committee, BDP Women Wing Committee, demands that Tshekedi Khama, Kokorwe and BDP should “intervene by telling the Director of Intelligence Isaac Kgosi to pay us.”

The concerned officers state that they took an oath in 2009 at the DIS headquarters where the then late legal advisor to DIS, Leonard Sechele administered oath and informed them that they were employees of DIS.

“In April 2010 the first intake went training and the second intake followed on 7th March 2011 and we are still getting government security salary from the Office of the President,” reads the letter in part.

It adds that “we were not confirmed even after six months probation. Our Director General has written us unlawful letters of appointment which are dated 1st April 2011.  The former Director Admin known by the name of Mma Raditladi knew about this serious blunder.”

It further states that “she once surprised us when she arrived (in Ghanzi at a training camp) to deliver those letters when she said ‘I Mma Raditladi came here to deliver your appointment letters and if encounter any mistake from your letters it is not me who can rectify it, rather we go to Gaborone. This made us to believe that she knew about the intentional error.”

“This is sad for us and our families because we have been honest to this government ever since we got employed and today we are giving them security at night, during the day and in heavy rains,” the letter says. 

The letter further states that “We are also appealing to his wife (Mme Mma Kgosi) to advise this man. We are not afraid of Rre Kgosi rather we respect him as the Director General and an elder. This man has abused us. We are willing to continue working tirelessly for this country but we hate to be cheated like kids.”

While it is not clear what kind of action the aggrieved officers intend to take against their boss, they stated that “We give him 30 days to come forward and tell the nation that we are lying and we will take it from there. Somebody may ask why we have been quiet for so long. We did that basically because we thought they would attend to our concerns. This department has so many ceremonial directors and that is why things are complicated.”

Kgosi’s mobile phone rang unanswered on Friday.


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