Monday, December 11, 2023

Disgruntled Councilors contemplate urgent application at High Court after bid to topple Muzila failed

Scores of disgruntled Francistown councilors have confirmed that they have consulted a lawyer and are currently working on filing an urgent application with the High Court after they were denied an opportunity to table a motion of no confidence against the mayor of Francistown, Sylvia Muzila.

Chaos erupted Wednesday morning at the Francistown Council Chambers when 12 councilors from the opposition and ruling party turned their backs on the mayor, after their bid to oust Muzila was denied by the Town Clerk, Mompati Seleka.

This was after Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Tshwaragano ward councilor; Gaone Majere was stopped before tabling his motion of no confidence against Muzila. This was a repeat of what happened in 2015 when councilor first tried to table the motion.

Confusion emerged when it became clear that members of the council could not agree on the interpretation of Article 20 of the Council’s Standing Orders governing the tabling of urgent matters during a full council meeting. Article 20 of the Standing Orders reads as follows: “On the motion being seconded, the mayor shall, without allowing any debate on the motion, call on the member putting the motion to introduce the new item of business in the usual manner.” 

Speaking to this publication, Majere said the mayor had failed the city council, and was unfit to lead because she cares only about her interests.

Speaking outside the council chambers 12 defiant councilors told Sunday Standard that Muzila was partisan and took sides with the Masisi faction of the BDP.

Councilor Peter Ngoma of the BDP said, “Mma Muzila does not follow the rules, and she ignores standing orders and the local government Act, but instead uses favoritism to act.”


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