Thursday, April 15, 2021

Disgruntled man tries to incinerate family over maintenance payments

An irate middle aged man in Masunga tried to torch the house in which his wife and kids were sleeping after he was ordered to pay P1100 maintenance for their upkeep.

Masunga Police Station Commander, Hendrick Mmipi, said the man, who is in the process of divorcing his wife, had earlier appeared before a Masunga magistrate and was ordered to pay maintenance of over P1000 for the upkeep of his family. Later on at around 11pm the estranged man, who works as a driver at Masunga Senior Secondary School, went and bought a flammable liquid which the police suspect to be petrol and proceeded to the nearby Mosojane village where he torched the house in which his wife and children were sleeping.

“Fortunately, the family was rescued by neighbours and they escaped with minor injuries,” said Mmipi. The man was later apprehended by the police along the Francistown-Masunga road, and he is currently in custody. Mmipi said that the driver will be charged with, among others, attempted murder. In yet another murder suicide incident Masunga police are investigating an incident in which a 37-year-old woman was found dead from stab wounds. They suspect that the woman was killed by her 24-year-old boyfriend who was later found hanging from a tree.

Sources close to the two told The Sunday Standard that the murder suicide incidents occurred after a misunderstanding.


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