Friday, June 21, 2024

DISS vehicle broken into in a suspected counter intelligence attack

A Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) vehicle was broken into and confidential documents allegedly stolen in what is feared to be part of a black op by the renegade DISS Special Operations cell.

The former Director General of the DISS, Isaac Kgosi is feared to still have the loyalty of his Special Operations Cell which was the DISS dirty tricks department allegedly made up of a motley crew of thugs and shady characters who were assigned to do house break ins and other dirty jobs. He also allegedly still has the support of Israeli and Serbian spy sleeper cells in Botswana which the new DISS boss Peter Magosi has allegedly not been able to demobilize.

There are fears that top secret and highly classified documents were stolen when the vehicle was broken into last week at Block 7 location in Gaborone.

Intelligence network sources who did not rule out the possibility of an inside job said some of the items stolen included documents which were in possession of the DISS agent following a high level delegation meeting attended by the top management and addressed the new Director General Peter Magosi.  

Sunday Standard was unable to establish what kind of information was contained in the files, but it is understood that following a meeting by top management the agent was instructed to type up information from hard copies (documents) and store it on a laptop as soft copies.

“This shows that the person or people who broke into the vehicle knew about the meeting and had information that the agent was in possession of the files. That is why we are convinced it was an inside job,” said a source.

While the Botswana Police Service denied the break in on the one hand, the DISS boss Brig peter Magosi confirmed that their vehicle was broken into and that the burglary was being investigated by the police. Contacted for comment, Botswana Police Services Deputy Public Relations Officer Senior Superintendent Near Bagali said “we don’t share our investigations with the media.”

When it was put to him that the police had been sharing their investigations with the media and whether the reasons not to confirm or deny that that such incident happened  was because of ‘this particular matter,’ Bagali said “we are not aware of that matter. It has not been reported to us.”

He would also not be drawn into discussing whether there was a break-in involving a vehicle of DIS agents.

“If I confirm that there was such a break-in you would try to tie it up with allegations that you are raising. In short we don’t have a case in which we are investigating involving a vehicle belonging to a DIS agent that was broken into,” he said.

Pressed further and presented with more information that the case was registered at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (SSKI) Police station, Bagali insisted that such a case did not exist. Prior to contacting Bagali, Sunday Standard had SSKI  Station Commander, Banneetse Keakile who declined to share details of the case saying he was not authorized to comment on weighty matters involving other security agencies as he was a junior officer. He would neither confirm nor deny that the case was reported to his station. He referred all enquiries to Bagali.

Brigadier Magosi on the other hand confirmed the incident but dismissed it as just another case of ordinary theft.

 “Yes we had such an incident in which one of our officer’s vehicles was broken into,” said Magosi. He however denied reports that files were stolen from the agent’s vehicle.

“He did not lose anything. The thieves were following him and attempted to steal his phone. Yes the matter was reported to SSKI Police station,” said Magosi. The new DISS boss explained that

“yes from time to time I call my officers to meetings. I however would never allow my officers to take with them some documents to their residency. So we have not lost anything,” he said. 


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