Sunday, May 29, 2022

Dj Foxxy reaching for the stars on her own

We talked to her a few months ago about her journey into the industry as a female Dj and during that interview she said that she had been in the game just a few months and now she has taken great leaps in advancing her career.

Tebogo Poppy Motshidisi, popularly known as Dj Foxxy, recently showcased her talents on the continent’s favourite music channel, Channel O. Asked to elaborate on the journey that led her to that platform, she said that she is a very ambitious person who is always plotting her next move.

“I have always dreamt of playing on Channel O,” Dj Foxxy said, adding that her burning ambition urged her to contact the Channel O management and she sent her mixes.

“I was surprised when they responded to me and told me that I should come and record a mix for the month of August as a way of celebrating Women’s Month.”

On whether the gig has helped at all in getting her more gigs and increasing her base and market, she said, “Well for me it was a great achievement with regards to how far I have built my career. I am more than happy with the platform that Channel O has created for me. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten any gig since the performance but I am more than happy with the support I receive from my audience. They are the ones who keep me going.”

In our previous interview, Motshidisi said that if an opportunity presented itself to go international she would take it.

“I am not just talking SA,” she had said.

The youngster is still sticking to her intentions but she adds, “First of all, my clientele base is Batswana. They are my people and if there is an opportunity that I go live in a different country other than Botswana I’ll take it.”

When asked to point out the positives of using the most hated and yet loved mode of communication, the vibrant Dj, who is a frequent user of Twitter, pointed out that the use of social media has its negatives but she also pointed out that Twitter has also helped her in communicating with her supporters.

“It’s efficient and spot on. Those who are wary of it should know and have a vision of where they are going with creating a Twitter account because you need to have end results to it.”

She concluded that by saying that she is happy with the audience base she has gained from its use.
Since our last interview, she has managed to get a weekly slot mix on RB2 as well as partnering with YDJ Academy (where she learned to Dj) in that every year end they sponsor a lucky supporter who wants to be a Dj.

Now that more months have passed since she stepped into the game, Dj Foxxy said that she cannot say much has changed in terms of female Djs supporting each other. The last time we talked she said that from where she stood it seemed everyone was fighting their own battles and doing their own thing.

“I will not say much has changed but female Djs are trying to change the sphere of it. We support each other. For example, I had a gig with Dj Cupid in Jwaneng and it was a great success so that shows that there is some movement and in time we shall see better progression in it.”

Dj Foxxy gave some words of advice to aspiring female Djs out there by stating that those with the passion should be sure it’s what they want and that they should be creative and, most importantly, that they should not let any negative challenges stop them.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t get booked in a month or 3 months. Just know that someone somewhere appreciates your talent.”


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