Sunday, May 22, 2022

DJ Sid bids My Star adieu

Controversial My Star judge DJ Sid is relishing himself in his home village Tsabong, venturing into hospitality business in the village he considers “underrated in the country but has boundless opportunities.”

Starting with the television music show from its early days in the City of Gaborone, DJ Sid Baitsile went on to become the most controversial and eccentric yet the anchor judge of the talent digging showpiece.

Unearthing raw talent from early years, DJ Sid as he is affectionately known around the entertainment circles quit the popular music show competition out of the blues to venture into politics last year- leaving his fans and critics asking themselves many questions.

He emerged from the national elections brutally battered as an independent candidate for Gaborone Central constituency, garnering not more than 50 votes.

Just when his supporters and critics alike wished he would make a come-back, DJ Sid appeared to say goodbye, inviting them to join him in his new found opportunities in his home village in his Devil’s Advocate column with the weekly Echo publication.

“I will be spending a lot of my time in my mother’s home village, Tsabong which in view is one of the most underrated villages in the country but with boundless opportunities,” he said in the latest edition.

DJ Sid compares the remote village of Tsabong in the foreseeable future to Maun- the country’s tourism destination centre.

Sources close to him indicate he is a common feature in Tsabong wanting to turn the fortunes of his mother’s lodge around.

Starting the programme in 2006, alongside its founder Master D as the judges, DJ Sid attracted both the wrath and appreciation of the aspirant candidates on the road to fame as future super star musicians.

To one of the bad performers he remarked: “You are the worst ‘mama song singer’ I have ever known today. Boyz II Men are the world best classics and for them to hear you sing their best ever song like that they will be devastated,” DJ Sid remarked curtly in one of his vitriolic tone which even attracted the attention of parents home viewing the programme, calling on the leadership to stop the show as it tends to abuse their children.

To Kennedy and Motswafere, one of the promising stars the show ever groomed, he stated: “You were born a star …created to entertain people on stage.”

Interviewed of the whereabouts of DJ Sid in the Sunday Standard sister paper The Telegraph, Master confirmed his co-judge replacement, saying “politics and the show do not mix.”

As he edges closer to half a century, having celebrated his 49th birthday on January 12th, DJ Sid has engaged in new ventures and opportunities and feels his life is getting even more exciting.
He urges potential business individuals to leave saturated Gaborone, which has already been taken by the big cats and head to Tsabong which is growing faster than many people could see.

“You could be telling a whole new story in 10 years time- a story you would not tell if you are currently in an area that has already been “taken” by peeps with big pockets. That is my new life, GC e tlaabo e le bo etelo hela,” he concluded.

My Star music competition kick starts its 9th edition on January 24th , with local musician “Oats” of the Devats Crew a new recruitment in a string of spontaneous resignations on the heels of DJ Sid whom himself was replaced immediately by the musician Shanty Lo. Shanty Lo has also left the programme under a cloud in a space of a year.


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