Wednesday, June 12, 2024

DMS gives update on winter season

Official figures released by the Department of Meteorological Services (DMS) show that the winter season will be a mixed bag for the general public in Botswana.

In a media statement, the department informed the public that during the period of May to July 2023 largely normal with a tendency to above-normal temperatures are likely to occur over the country.

Normal maximum and minimum temperatures vary between 27°C and 9°C respectively over the extreme north and 23°C and 5° over the southwest.

The seasonal outlook for May to July 2023 is as follows:

– Temperatures over the northern parts of the country (Ngamiland, N/Central and Chobe) are expected to be normal with a tendency to above normal, -normal maximum and minimum temperatures are 27°C and 9°C respectively, temperatures over the eastern parts of the country (Northeast and the S/Central District) are expected to be normal with a tendency to above. Normal maximum and minimum temperatures are 24°C and 7°C respectively.

-Temperatures over the southern and western parts of the country (Kgalagadi, Ghanzi, Southern, Southeast, Kgatleng and Kweneng) are also expected to be normal with a tendency to above. Normal maximum and minimum temperatures are 23°C and 5°C respectively.

-Average minimum temperatures over Botswana for the months of May to July will be as follows; minimum temperatures range between 3.5°Cover Kgalagadi and 9°C in Chobe, over the central parts of the country, the average lowest temperatures range between 6°C and 8.5°C, average maximum temperatures in winter range between 23.5°C in the south-west and 26.5°Cover the north-western parts of the country.

The release says the state of the oceans depicts ENSO-neutral conditions which is expected to persist through the Southern Hemisphere during early winter of 2023. A transition to El Niño is favored between JulySeptember 2023, with chances of El Niño increasing through spring.

It says El Niño conditions normally result in a rainfall deficit in Botswana and the state of La Nina and El Niño conditions between February and December 2023 shows that there is a tendency of occurrence of above normal temperatures during winter, episodes of cold spells are expected to occur, therefore the public is advised to take necessary precautions  and protect themselves against such cold weather. The department requested that the public should contact for further clarification, daily updates and additional guidance.


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