Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Do parastatals follow succession plans?

Although some parastatals claim they have succession plans, it would appear such plans are not functional when it comes to the appointment of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) ÔÇô the drivers of those institutions.

Although the Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) says it has a succession plan, the corporation has still to appoint a new CEO after the unceremonial exit of Maria Nthebolan. Similarly, the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre, the Botswana Meat Commission and Air Botswana are some parastatals without CEOs. 

The BDC, for instance, says it has a robust succession plan with Human Resources Policy, which stipulates the corporation’s modus operandi on issues pertaining to recruitment, employee growth and development, training and succession planning.

“Last year, six managers of the corporation were sent to Stellenbosch University in South Africa for Senior Management Development Programme, which prepared them for higher leadership roles and responsibilities and also to enable them to compete strongly in the corporate market,” says the BDC spokesman, Gomolemo Zimona.

The BDC says it sends its junior staff for Master Degree courses abroad to prepare them for senior management roles.

The Water Utilities Corporation spokesperson, Mathida Mmipi, says succession planning is an important aspect of a company’s strategic planning process. ┬á

“It deals with projecting future changes by anticipating management vacancies and then determining how to fill these without creating a vacuum and lack of continuity in the organisation’s operations,” so says Mmipi.

Zimona says, to a large extent, both the government and board of parastatals are involved in so far as policy guidance and strategic decisions are concerned. 

“BDC’s succession planning is purely an operational issue whose detail is covered by the Human resource policy that was approved by the Board. Consequently, succession planning is handled by the Corporation’s Human Resource Department. The Human Resources Department advises the BDC Board on issues pertaining to human resources planning inclusive of succession,” says Zimona.

The acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning referred enquiries by The Telegraph on the matter to the Public Enterprises, Evaluation and Privatisation Agency (PEEPA).

PEEPA was not readily responsive by the time of going to press.

PEEPA is responsible for advising Government on privatization strategies as well as implementation of privatisation, which includes commercialization, restructuring, outsourcing and divesture interventions for the effectiveness and efficiency of PEs and Ministries as well as promoting good corporate governance in Procuring Entities.


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