Saturday, May 28, 2022

Do we really understand the importance of .bw

Most people do not understand what it means to utilise the ccTLD or Country Code Top-Level Domain.
First of all, what does this even mean?

Foremost, maybe this must be explained. Put in a comprehensible manner, this is typically the two-letter domain name extension or suffix, such as .uk or .za, which corresponds to a country, territory or geographic location.

Therefore, all Internet addresses that end with .BW indicate that it is a Botswana Internet address. Domain Names are a unique identifiers on the Internet. ccTLDs, unlike other generic domain names, like .COM, provide an identity that is a distinct association to a country. This is as clear as it gets.

Why live in Botswana and consider associating yourself or doing business with foreign internet addresses like .COM, .AU, and the likes, when u can do the same with .BW? Businesses and individuals still prefer to utilise generic Top Level Domains e.g. .COM because they believe that it gives them more credibility. Possibly because they have been in existence longer?

The .BW name space is a national resource that supports the “Buy Botswana”, campaign by promoting local content. Having said this, the .BW name space has the added advantage of providing not only a globally recognised Internet Identity, but also gives a national identity as a Motswana or associates an organisation with Botswana. The .BW name space allows the name owner the chance to avail content or information of Botswana products and/or services online. This opens up the opportunity to reach out to global markets at an affordable cost round the clock.

Believe it or not, .BW domain name reduces promotion and advertising costs since the business name is also the Internet Identity. It also improves companies’ promotion chances and site visibility. Few search engines will accept any sites without their own domain name.

More so, .BW domain name has inbuilt credibility, including monetary value. A major advantage of the Internet is that no one can tell if the web site is run by a large team with offices in several cities around the world, or by one person from their home. A .BW domain name can effectively put an SME or individual website on an equal footing with large companies.

Having said this, The Botswana Communications and Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) is now responsible for the allocation of local Internet addresses to potential customers (businesses and individuals). The .BW is a National Resource representing our country, our pride and our identity in the cyberspace and it is a great tool for our economic advancement. Let’s .BW it!


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