Sunday, May 28, 2023

Does another fiasco await second edition of Botswana Games?

Two years ago during the inaugural Botswana games, fracas broke out between teachers and the organisers for what the former said was lack of allowances paid to them.

Although the games went on after the two parties partly ironed out their differences, it looked like the main issues that led to the fracas have not yet been solved.

The Botswana National Sports Council has also since admitted that there was a communication problem between them and the teachers regarding the allowances for the games.

The games are normally held in December every two years in December, meaning that only eight months are left before the next installment commences.

The organising committee of the games has already been announced and, among other things they are tasked with, is to try and resolve the pending issues of 2007.

What, however, is surprising why the BNSC takes such a long time to talk to the teachers. Would the remaining months before the games start be enough to resolve the issues?

On the other hand, the BNSC has since said it is only a handful of teachers who are causing problems for the games as, they say, teachers had not been promised allowances during the games.
“Let me make it clear that no teacher was promised any form of pay during the Botswana games. This is kind of voluntary job for all the stakeholders involved,” said the chairperson of BNSC, Daniel Tau, on Thursday during a press briefing.

Information reaching Sunday Standard is that most teachers are vowing not to take part if their demands are not met. Last year, some teachers surprised many people when they pulled out their students and barred them from participating. They even threatened to leave with them to their respective areas.

The BNSC has appointed an organising committee for the games. They are, Dabilani Buthali, Boitshoko Tsiane, Themba Johnson, Dickson Gabanakgosi, Ngele, Tuelo Serufho Modipe Nkwe, Seitshiro Matlala and Puni Bagotsi.
Buthali will be the chairperson while Tsiane will be his vice. Johnson on the other hand will be chairing the technical subcommittee while Gabanakgosi will be in charge of the protocol subcommittee.

Ngele will be chairing the finance committee; Serufho will be the project and research officer while Nkwe will be in charge of marketing. Matlala will chair the logistics subcommittee while Bagotsi will be a recording secretary.
The Botswana Games are an Under 19 category and are held in alternate years with the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa (SCSA) Zone VI Under Games.

The games are also used as a stepping stone for the 2011 All Africa Games and the 2012 Olympic Games. The talent identified in the Botswana Games is expected to represent the country well during the continental and Olympic showpieces.

In this year’s games, 14 codes will be represented and each should be able to field teams from at least five districts.

The codes chosen are Athletics, Athletics for people with disabilities, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Chess, football for both men and women, Karate, Netball, softball Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball. New entries are Badminton, women football and swimming.


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