Saturday, July 2, 2022

Does Cupid forget?

Could Cupid possibly forget?

Is it possible that he would strike a love dart at one person and forget the other?

Isn’t that why we have lovelorn individuals out there? I don’t know, maybe he does, it’s just a thought. I mean when I was young he was portrayed as a baby like figure holding an arrow and a bow, flapping his wings and ready to throw his love-kissed-concoction darts at unsuspecting individuals. Now I’m grown up so I have a feeling that Cupid is not a baby anymore; he must have partially deaf ears, he never really talked so I reckon he hasn’t a voice. Still, his darts are either finished or he’s run out of love potion and he’s got grey hairs now, a long and uncut goatee, which has somehow found its way around his body preventing his wings from taking flight again.

Oh, did I mention grey hairs….so that can only mean one thing again…I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but I think Cupid has Alzheimer’s!

In shopping malls, at tea parties, corporate buffets and in classrooms he was expected to mark his presence.

He somehow always seemed to inject his arrow into the Nerdy boy and not at the famous Prefect in high school girl, his knees would wobble and his braces fall off each time he saw her.

She would just walk on by and sometime only remember him when she had to write down the list of noise makers at study time. Then again you have Cupid causing the most awkward crushes, another flop yet again; where little girl would hopelessly fall in love with her 2nd grade teacher, a married man/woman with another single man/woman….time would fail me to make mention of more of Cupids blunders!

Okay, the shortcomings of Cupid feature in a lot of instances, but maybe on one or more occasions Santa Claus made sure he did his Job. This he did vigorously although satisfactorily yet again, 10 months before Christmas….on Valentine’s Day!

Remember how on Valentine’s Day you have the love-dovey bunch of people who dress up in the cultured white, red and black colors, plan romantic getaways, write heartwarming notes on tables and even on the sand, they run around helter-skelter trying to get the freshest roses and the sweetest candy and not to mention the hearty shaped balloons, and then you have the uncaring bunch whose feathers aren’t the least ruffled by the romantic atmosphere or the vengeful bunch who wait to execute their line of attack on an unsuspecting Cupid.

I don’t believe there’s a Cupid….surely if there was he wouldn’t be partial in his dart striking, and moreover he would have thrown three darts and not one, the Agape, Eros and Philio Love. So there is no winged baby Named Cupid, but there’s a God, however, who has given us true and profound love, with which he has loved us and causes us to impart the same.

He has also granted us the freedom to choose who to love, although sometimes we don’t really chose, we just find our hearts smiling at another’s and wishing for a fruitful relation to happen.
Love just happens, it’s our nature to love and to want to love back, and we don’t need a Cupid to hover around our heads causing us to fall in love with others.

Love is something so deep and beautiful beyond any man’s imagination, but we tend to limit love and God himself, He who created Love. Everyone has someone out there to love, not at Cupids call, but at Gods time.

Sometimes we rush to find love and become so desperate in seeking it that we end up falling for or believing anything that comes in the name of love or anything that resembles love.
Maybe that’s why some are forlorn, loveless and lovelorn. There’s a time for everything and there’s a love out there for everyone, who is willing, patient and enduring.

Love comes in small packages and sometimes big packages, for those who are single, a little hope wouldn’t hurt, and those who are not, well… loving a little more will go a long way. Love yourself first and you will see that you don’t need a Cupid to make you attract Love…it will happen naturally! Christmas is but a few months away, let’s wait for packages to fall down our chimney!


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