Saturday, March 2, 2024

Don’t let colour blocking leave you red faced

Armed with the latest fashion magazines with all their lingo and jargon, many have fallen victim of heinous fashion crimes that would send Joan Rivers (Chief of the Fashion Police) to an early grave.
No one intentionally leaves their house everyday to shock the world. On the contrary we all aim to please when it comes to dressing up. Girls turn up in the most uncomfortable outfits all in the name of looking good, no looking great.
Let’s talk color blocking, the latest fashion trend which has let many astray and left them looking like a toddlers art creation instead of the intended fashionable look.
What the experts say: it is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. And no, wearing pink leopard print tights with a green polka dot top does not qualify as a color blocked outfit. The operative words in the definitions are ‘Solid colors.’
Since its discovery in Botswana, sisters have been confidently roaming the streets in weird ensembles all in the name of color blocking. While like every fashion trend it comes with its list of do’s and don’ts. American fashion gurus, TLC indicate that when color blocking the primary or dominant colours should be the blues, reds and yellows. Accessories should also be taken into consideration and for the primary color one chooses, the accessory’s color should be on the opposite side of the color wheel and they should be monochromatic (same color but different shades) or neutral (black, brown or white.)
With color blocking the possibilities are endless however one must be very careful for there is an extremely thin line between fabulous and, ‘what in the world were you thinking.’
For all you flora and fauna lovers, prints are allowed but keeping them to the bare minimal of scarves, shoes and small belts, nothing chunky and nothing outrageous. But if you decide to use solid colored accessories chunky jewelry, belts shoes and hair can be used to break the monotony of the primary solid color.
So to all the bold daring and outrageous ladies, open a fashion magazine once in a while it will go a long way and save most of us the misery of having to see terrible outfits.


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