Monday, May 16, 2022

Don’t let life opportunities catch you flat-footed

Life opportunities are like water flowing in a river you can never touch the same waters twice. Once an opportunity is gone you can never find it. That’s why being prepared is necessary and don’t be caught flat footed, be in a position to react or respond quickly to life opportunities.

Over the years there is a sport that I have grown to like and has been a source of inspiration. Boxing is one sport where the fighters are always jumping up and down even if the opponent is far away this is because opportunities come unexpectedly. All the boxing legends that have come and gone were ever mobile never stationary because they knew opportunity lost had a part on the outcome of the match.

This also applies to the most appreciated game, soccer. Strikers are always alert because they know that out of the blue a pass can come through the midfield and they are supposed to capitalize. If that striker is not alert he fails to control the ball or fails to utilize the opportunity. As was the case of the team thought to win AFCON Cup; Ivory Coast. They had the best strikers but they were caught flat-footed and they paid dearly for the opportunity lost. It is the same in life there are opportunities that come our way that we can only see when they are already on the door step because we are so unprepared that we cannot make good use of them. Once a door of opportunity is closed it is difficult to open it. If an opportunity comes the timing might not be the best.

It is one thing to fail to spot an opportunity because of the fall in concentration but to be punished for that is another thing. You can never recuperate from a setback that comes as a result of being caught unaware. A boxer may always be alert but if he drops his strike and an opponent sees an opportunity it may be the end of the road since a well premeditated blow may send the unwatchful boxer to the ground never to recover again. Such is the importance of being alert all the time. The host of 2010 AFCON Championship Angola had displayed a splendid performance throughout the better part of the match. But a defensive blunder in the dying minutes spoiled everything for them and had to share the spoils with the inconsistent Mali team.

A defensive slip-up a few minutes from the end of a soccer match can mean disaster to the team whose member’s loose attentiveness at such a critical time. There are situations that you will come across that will need you to remain alert all the time. If you remain alert you will see opportunities as they come and you will be in a position to benefit from these opportunities. If you are not aware you will miss lifetime opportunities. You may get a chance to make the most of some opportunities that come your way later if they find you alert because if you not things will happen that will leave you in a thorny position to ever rise and fight another day
Whatever situation you find yourself in it is like a game where watchfulness is needed to take hold of opportunities as they come or avoid blunders that might destroy you. The nature of the situation just like the nature of the game will determine how easy it will be for you to create other opportunities or to recover from your setbacks. All the same it is wise to make use of those opportunities that you have now than to depend on creating others tomorrow because that may never happen.

It is unwise to count on recovering from setbacks because situations that prevail on certain match days make that unattainable. In every situation make every effort to remain vigilant because that is the only way that you can be guaranteed of victory as you grab opportunities that come your way and avoid making mistakes that can make you lose the game. Be alert and refuse to let opportunities find you flat footed.


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