Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Don’t waste your potential

Why is it that we know all the greatest philosophies about life and yet never seem to be able to apply them in our normal everyday activities?

What is wisdom when it can’t be used to better or revitalize your image? As a person or spiritually!

What use is valuing knowledge of how things work when you can’t use your mind to come up with an idea that could benefit from this knowledge?

I am going to tell you a story I found to be quite interesting, it was written by a great African writer. Right around the times when folklores were the order of the day. The story, although not copied word for word, was written to something of this effect:

One day Mr. Snake was coiled up on his horse riding to town, when he was stopped by a friendly stranger by the roadside. The friendly stranger seemed to have been standing there for quite sometime.

Naturally Mr. Snake, the gentleman that he was, pulled the horse over and gave attention to Mr. Frog, the stranger.
“Excuse me sir, I couldn’t help but notice that the way you were riding your horse was quite improper, would you mind if I were to show you the right way?

Eagerly, Mr. Frog jumped on the horse and demonstrated beautiful and proper skills of riding a horse, just for added effect, he followed his act with quite a few impressive tricks.

Mr. Snake was impressed and he asked the frog to climb down the horse. After getting back on his horse, Mr Snake took the position he was using before and said, “Son, you are quite good with your knowledge of horses, but what use is good horsemanship when you don’t have a horse?”

What is the use of us having the ability to read, a mind to think for ourselves, eyes to see for ourselves when we can’t come up with something tangible from there?

What is the use of having hands when we can’t build? What is the use of having so much education if we can’t find a way to apply all that we have learned? It’s been said that from the moment we were born as humans we were all meant for greatness, all of us. If Gates did it, if Merafhe did it, if Magang did it, why can’t I?

Saying that not all people are gifted in the brain department can no longer be treated as a viable excuse. We have been given hands, mind, and persuasive power. I am sure one can find their purpose in life from exploring one of the three areas or from an area I haven’t mentioned.

We give excuses for not driving ourselves to explore our greatest potential, ‘I am always so busy with school and work’, after that it will be ‘I am busy at work’. Then it’s ‘I don’t have time for myself’, then it will be ‘I have to take care of my kids’.
All of a sudden you are old, and then you die an insignificant soul; just another wasted life, how are we to remember you? What’s so unique about you? Why were you here in the first place?

Ask yourself, why do I have to fall within expectations and societal trends? Why can’t I be a millionaire while I am still in school? Because half our time is wasted on leisure times that we won’t even remember the next day.

The trick comes in faith and belief in the fact that you were made for a reason.

Dare to explore, dare to go against the current by trying out those ideas that you keep shelving aside because they don’t seem realistic and practice the art that is patience. It is only then that one can find the depths of their potential, use it so that when you die, you are empty, dont waste your talent. It’s the saddest thing one can do.
Take a chance, aim for heights unknown. The fun part about this is: you are in control.

It’s been said that the biggest obstacle to one’s success is themselves.


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