Friday, January 28, 2022 society ÔÇô a gentlemen’s club for fathers-to-be

Women have traditionally hosted stork parties, commonly known as baby showers.

A lot of men, lured to attend such occasions by their ever-moody better halves, have found these events a waste of time, irritating and boring. Not so much because men don’t care about the anticipation of a baby.

Rather, men just can’t stand watching pregnant women playing childish games ÔÇô like grownups dressing up in nappies or Pooh-Pooh, where one takes out a chocolate in urine coloured cold drink from a potty. Or listening to gossip from self-proclaimed divas. Or yet still idling around women in nightgowns during the day and wearing old panty hoses on their head.

Stork parties can be so irritating that after drinking wine, women will start chewing bubble gum out loud and slapping their thighs, snapping and clicking fingers away, especially whilst talking about the wealthiest guy or who is about to go bankrupt.

So instead, men would rather guzzle beer, take shots, smoke and have lots of meat to eat. They want to talk about money and how to make it, cars and property. After indulging, it’s also nice to once in a while see some old mates lock horns over seniority, bundles of boodles, a bad debt or even a woman.

Nowadays, Batswana men ÔÇô mostly fathers-to-be ÔÇô celebrate the birth of their children too. But they do so in a tough talking and masculine style. society is a group of young, wild and free friends, mainly businessmen, who own small medium enterprises.
They really know how to throw the best daddy showers in town. society is in fact a closely-knit group of male friends who’ve known each other from their secondary school days.

The society is made up of patrons who drink at the famous United Caf├® bar otherwise popularly known as

Spokesperson Bakang Bogopa says: “ society is a gentlemen’s club with a laudable aim to pledge support for fathers and fathers to be, and we pay as much attention to detail as possible, by going all out from the dress code to the venue.”

Bogopa says daddy showers are meant to be memorable. And it’s not like daddy showers are an excuse to go on money-wasting sprees.

“We are worried by negative male role models who are unemployed, live in denial or absence, so the sole purpose of organising daddy showers is to celebrate the anticipation of childbirth, honour responsible fathering and show support to the father to be.”

Daddy showers should not be mistaken for stag parties. They are rather cock fests, to be precise. Everything is organised and well prepared, from the venue to the theme. Sometimes the theme could be at the cattle post where dot COM society patrons all go to a member’s cattle post to go and host the daddy shower.

Bogopa explains that it’s not like a party with sultry semi-naked vixens, which are what most people tend to think, but rather about patrons indulging in plenty of beer, meat, whiskey, and cognac and Cuban cigars to give the day a masculine feel.

Instead of seeing daddy showers as an excuse to indulge, most women, including those who are pregnant interviewed highly welcomed and really appreciates such male social networks.

“I just want him to show some participation towards supporting me and our baby,” said Tshegofatso from Mochudi. “I believe that such initiatives are modern day and very noble concept.”


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