Monday, December 11, 2023

Double murder accused ex-soldier attempts suicide

A former Botswana Defence Force (BDF) officer linked to committing two murders in a short space of time has attempted to take his own life.

The former soldier, Simba Mampuri aged 31, has two cases of murder pending before courts accused of killing his girlfriends.

It is reported that last week the accused tried to commit suicide but the material he was using broke off before he could accomplish his mission. His close relatives then took him to the hospital for treatment where he was hospitalized for some time.

To their surprise, it is reported that they found a motionless body rapped with blankets on a bed. It is further reported that the relatives then reported the matter to the police who found the woman’s body and was rushed to the hospital where she was certified dead. Some of the relatives then went back to his house to collect some of the items that the accused will be using while in hospital.

At the time of going to press, this paper was unable to establish whether the accused was fired from the army or not as well as the rank that he was holding. 

Officer commanding of Broadhurst assistant police Commissioner Bonnie Bareki confirmed to The Telegraph that Urban police station is investigating a case in which a former soldier has murdered two women in a short space of time.

He explained that last week police arrested the suspect, aged 31, who allegedly murdered a 34- year-old woman of Bontleng believed to be his girlfriend.

“At this juncture police are busy on the ground piecing together information that could link the suspect with the alleged offenses that he is being accused of,” he said.

Bareki said he was not aware whether or not the accused person tried to commit suicide.

“I am not aware whether he allegedly tried to take his own life but that will be proven after the investigations have been completed,” he said.

He revealed that between 2016 and 2017 was charged with other two murder cases that are pending before court of law respectively. The accused allegedly committed those two murders while he was on bail, Bareki said.


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