Sunday, July 14, 2024

Double praise impact concert to win souls in Francistown

Francistown is set for an evening of spiritual and divine inspiration through the double praise impact concert that is scheduled for the 4th November 2017. The concert will be headlined by gospel and afro pop musicians Dr Praise Makubele and Praise Peterson from South Africa and Zimbabwe as well as local afro pop king Astley Gopadileng popularly known as   Astley Gops.   He has recently released his 7th studio album since he emerged into the music scene 17th years ago.

The album is titled ‘’O tswa kae”.  Supporting acts will showcase the likes of Zambian singer James Nee and Innocent and our very own prophetic rapper Joe Angels. This show promises to be a night of spiritual stimulation and will inspire all those seeking religious wisdom and thirsting for celestial truths said Peterson.  

The gospel singer recently dropped his first gospel album titled Songs from heaven including Dr Praise Makumbele who released her album entitled change our lives. The albums are all available at the main show and all ECG branches. They were produced under Major 1 records.  He says the aim of the show is to win over a staggering number of souls into the light he said. Prophetic rapper Joe angels has been submerged in turbulent waters for decades and he says he believes he has been given a second chance  which decorously is the title of his upcoming album  “Second chances.”

Today’s youth are entrenched in the hip hop world which often sends out the wrong message and promotes very fowl behavior , angels has found a way of merging  rap with Christianity,  ‘’ It’s the same type of rap we all love only difference is I rap about gods glory” he said.  

ECG has held several successful events but it will be his debut show in Francistown to the delight of fans in the north. The double impact show is a medley of different genres expected to appeal to the crowd and send out a clear message about God in a song and dance. VIP ticket holders will stand a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to have an audience with Major 1 shepherd Bushiri.


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