Saturday, December 9, 2023

Dr Makuluma to Address Batswana Medical Practitioners

This week on August 27th, Dr Hlombe Makuluma will be gracing the local medical fraternity to deliver an address aimed at equipping service providers with the skills of running their practice as a sustainable business. 

The workshop is mainly targetting amongst others, Medical Practitioners, Dentists, Physiotherapists and Optometrists and will be held under the theme, ‘Operating a Health Practice or Institution as a Business is not a Contradiction’.  

A statement from Symphony Health says they have found it fit to sponsor Dr Makuluma to run the Workshop. Dr Makuluma is a personal and business effectiveness coach and is the author of ‘The Business of Healthcare ÔÇô Managing Your Private Practice’. In the book Dr Makumula shows the journey of growth and transformation through his career from being a Doctor to being a fully fledged entrepreneur.

The book encourages the reader to not only run the proverbial race but to run it with the intention of winning and provides a strategy that is said to eliminate the flaws that can be found in the private health sector business. 

In the book, Dr Makumula manages to take into consideration the hurdles and complications that come with the trade, but also indicates the importance of financial literacy when operating a private practice. The book also pairs the provision of quality healthcare and running a financially viable health practice. 

He is currently a resident business coach for True Love Magazine and is a part-time Leadership and Management Lecturer at Maccauvlei Learning Academy. He operates his own business in Pretoria, South Africa which offers coaching services. He is a qualified general medical practitioner and an Internationally Certified Business and Executive Coach. In his business coaching program he specialises in working with health practitioners operating their own private practices. He coaches them on the business aspects of operating a practice with the aim of growing practices into profitable businesses that can generate passive income for the owner. He also conducts seminars and workshops on the business aspects of operating a health practice.

In today’s era getting a qualification in a profession is merely just the tip of the ice berg to take off one’s career, but enhancing it with financial literacy and other business management courses is a step in the right direction. 


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