Sunday, June 16, 2024

Drakensberg Boys Choir in Botswana for recruitment

It is with great honour that Botswana will host the Drakensberg Boys Choir for three days from the 8th ÔÇô 10th June. This is a rare opportunity to experience one of the best and most recognized boys’ choirs in the world.

The Drakensberg Boys Choir School is an internationally renowned school in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. The school integrates a specialized music environment and high quality academic curriculum that contributes to the Southern Africa and international music scenes by nurturing the talents of now prominent conductors, singers and musicians. While some students continue with music throughout their careers, many leverage the experience to excel in whatever career life has in store for them.

The school has a recognized track record of developing leaders from the earliest ages through the medium of music. Through the curriculum and unique experience of the school, the boys are instilled with high levels of discipline and self-confidence, and are surrounded by peers and staff with outstanding character. This is truly a one of a kind opportunity for any child regardless of their future career choices.

The Drakensberg Boys Choir regularly tours nationally and internationally. The Choir has been to the United States four times and over thirteen countries in Europe including, by Papal request, at the Vatican City before 25 000 people. They have also toured much of Africa, Asia and Australia.

The choir is coming to Botswana primarily for recruitment activities. There are currently 3 Batswana boys attending the school and, with this visit, the school hopes to increase this number for future years. They aim to not only increase the regional diversity within the school, but to contribute toward the development of talent in Botswana and the region. This is a unique and exceptional opportunity for any young talented and motivated boy.

The Choir will visit a local church on Sunday and select primary schools on Monday morning, and will hold auditions at Maru-a-Pula Secondary School (Maitisong) on Monday, 10th June, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

The Choir will perform two concerts during their visit. The first performance will be their “signature” performance on Saturday 8th June. This will be a Black Tie event at the BDF Auditorium with guest performers Shanti Lo and the PPC Youth Choir. The second performance will be a “choir festival” at Maitisong on Monday 10th June, together with PPC Youth Choir and local school choirs. Tickets can be purchased from Maitisong, Riverwalk, Spur or by contacting Gwen at 71608756 / 3915501.


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