Sunday, June 11, 2023

Dreaming is fine but work hard to make it come true

It is the beginning of the year, and everyone is busy laying down plans on how they will tackle 2010, while others are making New Year resolutions. Such initiatives are well meant and advisable, but only if they are adhered to.

Others have resolved to study harder, to work hard and earn that elusive promotion at work, to quit their vices… the list is endless.

But there are those who wish for the impossible, the dreamers who make impossible resolutions, only to end up taking short cuts and getting themselves in trouble.

While the rest of us are stressing about how to make ends meet, there are those who twiddle their thumbs and do nothing about the future. In the end, the very same people expect to have it all. They say they want to live the life. What life?

Living the good life does not come cheap; you have to sweat for it.
One does not just dream and the dreams come true, no. One has to toil, spend sleepless nights, and go the extra mile if they want to succeed.

The good life; the big mansion, the chauffeur driven limos, the bodyguards, the high end fashion stores; all these do not come cheap, they come with hard work.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming. Everyone is ambitious and wants to make it in life. But one has to work to achieve their dreams and ambitions; otherwise it is all a waste of time.

Here are a few tips for the big dreamers to follow if they want to live the good life: One must invest in profitable businesses. For example, build houses for rental or for sale, buy shares, work hard and protect your interests. For one to gain respect from the others he or she has to accord them the same respect. Being the beautiful, young gifted and smart individual that you are, it is important that you believe in yourself.


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