Saturday, December 3, 2022


Dulce Caf├®, in conjunction with Village Spar, recently held a fete on behalf of the ‘I Am Special’ society in Tlokweng.

The society runs a school dedicated to teaching and caring for special needs children, including mentally and physically disabled, autistic and those with learning disabilities.

Spar and Dulce have built up an on-going relationship with staff and pupils at the school over a 4-year period.

Village Spar is currently sponsoring the school with the donation of P1000’s worth of groceries every month throughout 2007 and through monies raised at the fete Dulce Caf├® hopes to donate much-needed equipment to ‘I am Special’, including 2 computers, 2 television sets and new carpeting.

Dulce Manager, Sharon Lawless, said that one of the purposes of the fete was to facilitate the children’s interactions with the general public and show people that despite their disabilities they want to participate in normal activities and lead normal lives. She also said it was hoped that by the interaction those people who may have children at home with similar challenges would realise that there is specialist help available for them. Although ‘I am Special’ requests a small fee for pupils, this is waived in needy cases and no-one should be put off from applying.

Many local companies and personalities generously contributed to the activities and overall success of the day, including radio DJ ‘Big Fish’ who was Master of Ceremonies, the Carnival Dance Team who entertained the spectators, the accomplished Pipe and Drum band who piped in the procession, KBL and Liquorama who provided cool drinks and Village Spar butchery and bakery who took care of the catering.


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