Thursday, November 30, 2023

Duma Boko – Not Fit for Purpose: The End

Is it not time for Dumelang Saleshando to step in and steer the sinking ship of UDC out of the tide?

Social Media was recently abuzz with such conversations after the recent election petitions by the UDC and the arguments which formed part of the just ended court proceedings relating to the 2019 General Elections as well as the subsequent CoA judgment of the 29th January 2020.

For some, these debates are fascinating but for many they are complex and confusing. A desperate narrative is now being pushed to the effect that the IEC has colluded with some organizations to rig the elections. Unfortunately many have joined in the chorus inclusive of some legal minds and members of Boko Defense Force (BDF). Our distinguished Professors from the institute of higher learning (Mma Dikolo) like parrots have joined in the chorus.  Balotsana!!

However, they should point to the real problem that underlies this debate; our outdated political set-up.

Does the current UDC electoral petitions signal constitutional crisis or is it just part of the wider picture. A political system that is not fit for purpose or does it just resemble a UDC political leader who is not fit for a purpose? A mere loser and a pathological liar whose lips have been sweetened with honey by his political funders to try and sow seeds of discord and cause un-necessary instability?


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