Thursday, March 30, 2023

e-LOVE, a distraction or savior?

The Internet is such a great phenomena that has changed almost every aspect of our lives and it has now come to a point where most of us cannot live without internet connection be it at home, at work or on the go on our phones.

The internet has altered the way we live so much that it’s almost impossible to believe that not so long ago we went about our lives so effortlessly without the convenience of the e-world.
First of all, it has made communications very easy for everyone across the globe. No longer do you have to pay a ridiculous phone bill after catching up with a friend overseas because things like Facebook, Twitter and Skype make it very easy to communicate and even see each other.

I once worked for a company that insisted you have a Skype and company account because that was the modes of communications they used; males sense because it was an internet marketing company, and that is another way the internet has changed our lives, now you can even do business online.

It has also made studying very easy. I wonder how our parents managed to make it through university with all those thick books they had to read. You have to give them respect for going through it without a glitch because I am sure those sleepless nights researching must have not been easy.
But for us research is only a few key words typed into Google and you get all the information you need. Registration for most universities is done online so no stress with the long lines.

The most interesting way in which the web has made an impact in our lives is when it comes to our love life. Facebook, which is a social networking site and as far as I know, was created that people make friends and only friends across the globe has an option that allows you to say what sex you are interested in, if you are looking for friendship or more and add your relationship status to state whether you are single, in a relationship, married, engaged, in a complicated situation but they forgot to add the just confused and all over the place option. It is so sad that something that started with such great intentions has been the death of many relationships.

But these popular social network sites are not what I am interested in today. I am more interested in those sites people go to in search of love. The internet has gone as far as to alter the way the dating world operates. You put up your best picture or even somebody else’s picture just to give you that little extra edge, describe exactly what kind of person you are interested in from the simple thing like should have a job to where their dimple should be positioned on their cheek and its depth.

You can find your match in just a matter of seconds and they do not even have to be around where you live; they could be oceans away and it wouldn’t matter because you would have found the one meant for you, or have you?

I know of a lot of females who complain that there are no good men left in the streets of Gaborone and I know a few who have opted to go find their knight in shining armor online because even if they never get to meet him or see his face they have someone who keeps them happy with his words and the attention they don’t seem to be getting from the men they interact with daily.

My question is this. Have the men in our country gotten so bad that women have been left with no choice but to seek e-love and not even bother with the real thing, have we given up hope so much on Batswana men that we would rather have a machine tell use sweet nothings than try make things work with a handsome Motswana man who doesn’t have all the qualities you want and think you need in a man but is trying his best to live up to your expectations? Is e-love what we feel we deserve?
Dating sites for me are things from the movies and things for first world countries so you can imagine how shocked I was to learn that there are some women in my beloved Botswana who have resorted to finding their man on the net.

I was having a conversation with a friend that sometimes all you need is someone who will give you attention; they don’t need to be around you but they should just care to know how every minute of your day is. Leave you a text message, Facebook you and in the evening Skype you and find out how your day went. We commented how such an invention would be great. We called it the ultimate distraction.

And that is what e-love offers women; it distracts them from the reality that they do not have anyone to go home to and makes the whole experience bearable. You see her always smiling but never with a man in her arm and you feel sorry for her wishing she would find someone to keep her busy but what you don’t know is that she is content, does not have anything missing in her life and she could not be happier than she is because she has found her e-love on or whatever other dating sites are out there and he is all that she hoped he would be and more.

Have you just about had it with the dating scene and feel love is overrated and does not exist?
Then you haven’t tried e-love, try it and you will never look back. Maybe I should send this slogan to one of these sites.


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