Friday, May 20, 2022

Eagles soar above Falcons as BDF V gets into survival mode

Thebe Eagles and BDF V won their league matches against Falcons and Splinters, respectively, as they try to move up the Basketball league log. Both Eagles and BDF V finished the first round of the league placed in unenviable positions on the 10-team local league log, with Eagles in position eight and BDF V perched one place below them at nine.

Coming into Saturday’s games, it was all or nothing for the two sides and they showed intent of getting off the mess they find themselves in from the first whistle.

While the match between Eagles and Falcons was a showcase of skill and flair, the game between BDF V and Splinters was a bruising battle on and off the court.

Against Falcons, Eagles came from the blocks firing on all cylinders as they imposed themselves on the game, winning all the first three quarters before narrowly losing the last one.

The boys from Thebephatshwa brushed Falcons aside, beating them 89 – 17 when the final whistle blew.

Eagles beat Falcons 17 – 10 in the first quarter, 21 – 13 in the second, and 34 – 19 in the third before losing the last quarter 17 – 18.

With their star players Percy Bolotsang and Odirile Mogwera in fine form, Eagles were a marvel to watch and their display made one wonder why they are placed third from the bottom of the league.

While Bolotsang hassled and dribbled past the Falcons with ease, it was Mogwera’s technical and tactical awareness that possibly made the difference. Mogwera proved to be a pain in the Falcons flesh as he hit as many as three pointers in all the four quarters to the delight of spectators.

Despite losing the game, Falcons gave a spirited fight but just could not make it past the resolute Eagles.

Falcons’ power forward, Bontsibokae Moalosi, gave the Eagles a hard time winning and scoring as many rebounds. The big man used his physical presence well near the basket and imposed himself in the game. However, it was the match between BDF V and Splinters that gave spectators even more to cheer for.

On the court, the two were engaged in a physical and bruising game while their officials were engaged in a war of words that nearly turned physical, culminating with the referees having to stop the game to cool the flaring tempers.

Inside the court, it was Splinters who came quickly off the blocks, taking the first quarter 21 – 20. However, it was BDF V who showed character in the preceding three quarters as they beat Splinters 17 – 15, 19 – 10 and 16 – 6 to clinch the game 72 – 52.

In a game that was physical and emotional, it was BDF V’s Elias Fisher who put his hand up to be counted. The bulky player showed character as he hit three pointers to steer his team off the bottom of the log. With his confidence on a high, the BDF man even at one point dribbled away from the basket to hit a three pointer off the range.

Meanwhile, basketball league second round continues next week across the country. The league is expected to end in November later this year.


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