Saturday, December 9, 2023

Eat or be eaten

Despite human beings the superior animals in the animal kingdom with a certain level of reasoning and understanding of our environment, the reality however comes back to jungle dynamics.

‘It’s either you eat or be eaten.’ However this statement may be perceived, every individual is somehow always hustling for some kind of survival.

The most common portrayal of these animalistic tendencies comes into full play in the boardroom.

Starting at a tender age in the playground its almost comes naturally for some to lead, others to follow and the others to be on the sidelines cheering, gossiping or praying to the dear Lord that they somehow manage to go through primary school completely unnoticed.
They then grow up to align themselves in the various components of the corporate world. Depending on the evolution of their personalities individuals will be slotted as leaders, follower’s spectators and losers.

In a book by Phil Porter aptly titled, ‘Eat or be eaten! Jungle warfare for the master corporate politician’ it’s stated that, “Don’t be Lunch for a Corporate Shark. Today’s corporate landscape is a jungle. If you don’t know the rules, you’ll soon be lunch for the quicker, savvier, more ruthless predator.”

The book is further described as the ultimate survival guide to savage competition in the workplace.

Before the advent of feminism and gender rights we didn’t see as many women climbing up the corporate ladder as we do today.
Women are emerging more and more, able and intelligent, with the younger generations ÔÇô but still remain a tad submissive in the bedroom.

The ironic twist is that women tend ‘to want to be eaten’ in that field and tend to be afraid of their sexuality. Those who do embrace and explore it are perceived to have fetishes, being promiscuous or pornographic.

A scholar at the University of Botswana carried out a research that revealed that men were proud of their sexuality and always eager to divulge their number of conquests and went into graphic detail on just how large their sexual organs were. The women, on the other hand, shied away from being too graphic and preferred to think of their sexual organs as small dainty and fragile.
When the fierceness and hard work presented in the boardroom will be taken to the bedroom remains a mystery.

Maybe it can be achieved if you had told a 17th century housewife that one day women would be able to vote they probably would have taken you in for an exorcism.


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