Monday, June 5, 2023

Educationists express mixed feelings on credibility of Examinations

Some educationists in Botswana have expressed serious reservations on the credibility of the 2010 examinations.

Since the start of the examinations season, papers are alleged to have been leaked at various schools, leading to the postponement of some examinations.
This has happened for both junior and O’Levels.

In some areas, invigilators have been reported to have been involved in beating up students during examinations.

Now educationists say the 2010 examinations are not credible and should be called off, based on the serious circumstances surrounding the nationwide examinations.

Keetla Masogo, a former and longest serving Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, said, “Personally, looking at the general problem within the 2010 examinations, I strongly believe that they are not credible; they are disturbing.”

He said the only thing that may resolve the problem between the teachers, the Botswana Examinations Council and the Ministry of Education is coming together and talking things over.

Ray Molomo, a former Minister of Education, said, “First of all, there should be tight security where the examination papers are kept to avoid the leaking of exam papers.”

He said he does not support that the examinations be called off even though there are some problems.

Molomo advised both the Teachers Union and the Botswana Examination Council to go back to the drawing board and talk things over.

A lecturer at the University of Botswana, Motlhanka Otukile, shared the same sentiments with Mosogo, saying that the exams are not credible and should be called off.

The Public Relations Officer of the BEC, Charles Keikotlhae, poured water on calls by educationists for the exams to be abandoned.

“These 2010 examinations are very credible despite the situation we are facing,” he said.


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