Saturday, August 13, 2022

EHF officers allegedly swindled Francistown Charity organization

Tension is brewing between the founders of Ipopeng Life Skill Foundation, an orphanage charity project in Francistown and the Environmental Heritage Fund (EHF) over the vanishing of funds donated by the European Union (EU) to assist the orphanage.

Last year in September, the EU donated P500 000 to the charity organization with EHF as a coordinator of the project.

The Sunday Standard is informed that the Project has been stagnant owing to the disappearance of money amounting to about P200 000, which was part of the donation to be used on the project.
EHF is alleged to be not transparent with the charity organization on how the money has been used and has since abandoned the project, which is on the verge of collapse.

“EHF, as a coordinator of the donations from EU, assured us that the project had been funded to the tune of P500 000 but ever since the inception of the project, we were only availed the sum of about P53 000 and one of the leading facilitators has since skipped the country,” said one of the charity committee members who preferred anonymity.

The former EHF senior official during the time of the commencement of the project, James Ewane, a Cameroon national, is said to have been shady about how the money was used to fund the project.

However, Dr Robert Badzyiyili Nfila, the current Project Manager at EHF in Francistown, told the Sunday Standard in a telephone interview that he cannot comment on whether the money was misused or not as he is new in the office.

He, however, maintained that there is currently a review being conducted by the Non-State Actors, a body tasked to review how the money was used.

“We are actually waiting for a report to see how the money was used to see if there was any misuse of the funds,” he said.

He pointed out that the EU indeed donated P500 000 and the money has to be issued in disbursements by the European Union, saying that P200 000 has already been issued to assist the project.
Nfila said that as per procedure, the other disbursement of P300 000 will then be issued after a report has been conducted on how the money was utilized on the project.

Bester Gabotlale, spokesperson of the EU delegation in Botswana, confirmed that the money was donated to the charity organization. He said that due to the fact that the project has crumbled there had to be an investigation before the other amount can be issued and would not comment further, saying that but only said that there is still a review of how the money was used.


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