Thursday, April 25, 2024

elax and Sooth Your Skin With Laedy P Organics

Inspired by the natural aromas and calming effect of organic products, local crafter Portia Mokgathong sought to start her own full body care line ÔÇôLaedy P Organics after noticing a niche in this sort of industry.

This local company offers refreshing body care and household essentials.

It was after realising that her family suffered from sensitive skin disorders that Mokgathong felt the nudge to do something. 

This got her thinking to produce products tailored to soothe sensitive skin. She says: “My family has very sensitive skin; we used to spend so much money and time looking for the right skin products to use.  The fact that we had been facing this problem for so many years with no improvement drove me to start my own research about what’s good for different types of skins.”

The self-proclaimed crafts lover produces hand crafted organic products from hand soap bars, hand and body butter, massage candles, shower gels to diffusers and bath salts. 

“My products can be customised any way the customer likes with colours, fragrance and the skin-loving oils and butters. They come in a wide array of colours, scents, shapes, sizes and formulations, be it playful and fun or designed for sensitive skin care,” states Mokgathong. 

Having showcased her products at Thapong Visual Arts and the Youth Expo, her biggest achievement is supplying her products to one of the oldest pharmacies in Gaborone ÔÇôBotschem Pharmacy, she says.

As for her challenges, she noted sourcing raw materials as a challenge because most of them are either available in small quantities or unavailable at all in Botswana. “Lack of machinery also limits the company’s ability to satisfy customers’ demand, especially lodges and hotels because they need products in large quantities.” Mokgathong also highlighted that running a small business is often challenging financially. 

“It is very humbling to have people stop me to greet and appreciate how Laedy-P Organics products has changed their lives for the better,” she delights. 

On her vision, she states that supplying  bigger markets is in the pipeline. 

“In a couple of years I would like be supplying hotels and lodges, shops and other local hospitality industry in Botswana and other countries but still keeping the crafty side of the business for customers who prefer personalised products. I also aspire to open a school where I would be conducting workshops for people with interests towards my line of work,” she says. 

Laedy-P Organics products are available at Botschem Pharmacy in Middlestar, Gaborone.


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