Thursday, February 22, 2024

Emang Basadi rises to tackle alcohol, drug abuse

As some stakeholders travel the length and breadth of the country educating the nation on the burning issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV), Emang Basadi recently continued its creative mobilization against GBV at Pitsane Kgotla.

Within the restricted period of two hours the leaderships of the Borolong District and Emang Basadi had demonstrated through motivational speeches and testimonies how alcohol and drug abuse affect household health and peace.

“Whenever a man leaves his home, before taking alcohol, he is careful how speaks and is cautious of his dignity as a father and leader of the house. Once he has taken several litres however, everything changes.”

The language becomes sour and he disregards what and who is around him. At the top of his voice for instance he will just unzip his trouser, urinate a few meters away from everyone; then shake his manhood while commenting on what is being said and just walk to where the rest of the merry-makers are.

Worse still, his silly generosity leads him to buying expensive drinks to every present drinker while there is no food, clothes or school fees at home. When the spouse complains she has pressed a wrong button and all hell breaks loose,” narrated Pitsane Deputy Kgosi Oagile Ernest Kepadisa.

Likewise, he said a woman would just undress and relieve herself everywhere irrespective of who is watching, exposing herself to dangers of sexual abuse and rape.  He further narrated that drugs are worse as they impoverishe both its users and the the society and is a serious threat to public health and even the country’s economy. Even with the Covid-19, users of marijuana have to share it while the process of smoking it entails use of excessive saliva by each smoker. Corona virus he decried, is transmitted through drops of saliva yet smokers of marijuana ‘oil’ the  drugwrap with lots of saliva and then pass it to three or more smokers at a time.

Emang Basadi Director, Ida Mokereitane revealed how their past visit which entailed workshops with both leadership and the community, including addicts of alcohol and tobacco bore fruits as the workshops culminated with the formation of a committee.

“I am very elated to confess that we have in our midst here, former addicts who can give excellent testimonies of how they went through the reforming stage and are now free from addictive substance. They are rejuvenated and gained weight,” said Mokereitane.

Lillian Bull, a former addict testified how she was relieved from chains of snuff which kept her wake if she did not have it. She used to walk the length and breadth of Pitsane whenever she ran short of it. The heat of the scorching sun could not stop her.

A male former addict, Mpoletsang Molelekwa said he had dropped from loads of beer cans and liters of Chibuku per week to about a can in two weeks. Sometimes he goes for months without alcohol and feels no burden. He is looking forward to quitting absolutely. He confessed that he has gained a lot of weight as he now has appetite for food. He can now afford to save some money also and his children are quite happy.


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