Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Employee vanishes with funds

A Gaborone man is on the run after he allegedly stole P800,000 from Smart Switch Botswana, the company he used to work for a year ago.

Smartswitch Botswana is an Information Technology Company based in Gaborone that provides electronic food coupon system services to orphans and destitute children in the country under a Ministry of Local Government scheme. The alleged theft has since been confirmed by the company’s Managing Director Kevin Duke. “It is true that one of our former employees is being investigated after suspicion that he had stolen some money,” he said. Duke further said that he has since reported the matter to the police and that it would be better to speak to them.

“The matter has been reported to Old Naledi Police you better talk to them”, he said. He could also not say whether or not the suspect has already appeared in Court. Sources says that the amount that the man is alleged to have stolen could be more than P800,000 as he had been working for the company for a long time.

“ I think the company needs to be audited carefully he could have taken more than what is known at the moment “, said a source . The company is believed to be handling millions of pula which it pays out to destitutes and orphans by paying for their food in stores across the country every month. About 55 ,000 beneficiaries benefit from the scheme every month. Early this year, the company won a United Nations Public Service award for their roll out and running of the electronic food coupon system . All efforts to talk to Old Naledi Police were fruitless as their telephone numbers were out of order.


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