Monday, March 20, 2023

Enjoy a healthy 2012!

If last year was bad, then you shouldn’t worry; 2012 isn’t necessarily going to be the same! Only you can change your life and nobody else. People around can only guide, advice, feel sympathetic, or cry for you but they can’t really change your life. Let’s discuss a few things that you really need to consider this year to live a healthy life!

Get a medical screen!

It’s vital to know a number of things about your health. Non-communicable diseases are among the leading causes of death in the world. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can be detected through simple tests but their complications can be costly to one’s quality of life and the economy as well! Physical examination, in combination with simple tests, gives you a better health!

Take medical advice serious!

While the world now is starting to value alternative health approach to diseases, the medical fraternity also continues to advance and more and better treatment approaches are put to use! However, it is clear that one cannot replace the other. First there is an element of personal choice for either of them. Secondly, the two are parallel because the approaches and reasoning are different. So, the point is if you have made a decision to take prescription medicine for a particular chronic disease, then it’s wise to continue as advised by your healthcare provider. Vitamins do not cure high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, so it’s unwise to stop treatment for these diseases and replacing it with vitamins. Talk to your healthcare provider and ask what vitamins do. The damage caused by diseases like these can take time and can be very silent. Healthy diets, moderate alcohol intake, less salt, weight loss, avoidance of smoking are issues that you really have to take seriously this year! Just try you can make it!

Eat healthy and manage your weight!

Food forms important part of our lifestyle. We need to know what to eat and when. Eating anything anytime puts us at risk of weight gain and obesity. It is best we try to avoid certain practices.

Eating frequent snacks, tea and coffee in between meals should be avoided. If you are going to attend a lot of workshops this year, try to eat moderate amounts. Do not take too much because you spent most of your time sitting in the workshop and each day you arrive home or at hotel room tired. Let’s try to eat when we really need to eat. Many people eat because food is available or is presented to them. The problem is, if you give too much food to your body, the excess amount will be stored as fat and this is what causes weight gain and obesity! Remember that many people get more calories from alcohol, so it is wise to cut down this year and regain your good health!
Enjoy the year 2012!

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