Thursday, July 7, 2022

Entertainer, Mpho Vincent Tiro, joins Cancer Awareness Campaign

Mpho Vincent Tiro commonly known as Steez is doing what many never even dream of doing. He is donating his services to help raise cancer awareness in Botswana.

“I joined this outreach program to give back to the community,” Tiro said.

He added that a lot is being done to raise HIV/AIDS awareness but very little is being done to teach Batswana about the deadly disease called cancer. A disease which can be survived if detected early.

Tiro acknowledges that HIV/AIDS claims more lives but he also believes that a lot of cancer cases can be treated if Batswana knew a little more facts about it. Like the fact that skin cancer is the most common cancer in Botswana because of the intense heat we experience.

Currently, Tiro is helping The Cancer Association of Botswana to raise money using the world wide campaign commonly known as Shavathon.

Shavathon is a worldwide phenomenon where the public is encouraged to donate money, in this instance P50, and then shave their heads or spray their hair in different colours—yellow, orange or maroon.

Shaving of heads is meant to bring awareness and a positive light to chemotherapy which causes cancer patients to lose their hair.

This year the Shavathon theme is, “Dare To Go Bare.”

Cancer Association of Botswana alongside Steez held two Shavathon events this year. One in Gaborone at the Game City Mall and another one in Francistown’s Galo Center on the 28th of April and 5th of April respectively. They are hoping to make more than the P20 000 they made last year. Due to diligent work, CAB managed to raise P20 000 last year even though the fundraising event was only held in Gaborone.

Tiro says he only joined the campaign last year but intends on keeping up the spirit year in and year out.

Asked what he does during these fundraising events, he says that he basically just talks to people who would have come to the event just because they are interested in talking to him as a public figure. He says as the conversation goes, the matter at hand, which is cancer, comes into the conversation.

“After all the interactions, I also make my donations and shave my head then I go on to submit what I collected using the pledge forms they would have given me.”

Tiro says that Facebook has played a major role in helping him raise money. He says that he also got a lot of positive feedback from his Facebook friends. Most of them encouraging him to keep up the spirit. Anyone interested in helping can get in touch with Tiro via Facebook and Twitter, Mochine O Ichenchang.

The former Flavour Dome presenter says that he also made a song specifically for the campaign. He hopes the song will help with sourcing donations.

In the song he talks about two characters that had/have cancer. One of them had lung cancer and died and the other one survived breast cancer but lost one breast because her cancer was detected late.


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