Monday, July 15, 2024

Erratic water supply blamed on BPC’s low voltage

The intermittent water shortages experienced in several villages south of the capital may last longer than previously anticipated, according to the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC). Mmankgodi, Manyana, Boatle, Ramotswa, Otse, Mogobane and Ranaka areas have since last week been hit by water shortages.

Last week, a standby generator at Rankepa Hill in Boatle near Ramotswa failed to power pumps despite having been serviced recently. Low water pressures to no supply were experienced in the areas as the WUC relied on the BPC to restore supply which was blamed on low voltage. The BPC has said that it is working around the clock to contain the situation.

The Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) initially thought the sporadic water shortages in the affected areas would be contained within ten days from the time a power substation in Mogoditshane, which powers the villages, went faulty last week.

“The BPC’s low voltage problem was unplanned and hence the Water Utilities Corporation did not have time to be proactive in addressing the supply interruption. However, supply has since been restored and WUC hopes supply to recover in due course,” said Matida Mmipi, the BPC’s spokesperson.

Consumers have gone for days having to make do with low to no water supply in the areas in the affected areas.

“We are working on the problem. We hope to be able to restore normal supply soon. There are areas which are experiencing low to no voltage,” said the BPC Marketing and Communications Manager, Spencer Moreri, this week.

Low power supply and power outages have also been experienced in Ramotswa over the past few days.


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