Friday, May 24, 2024

ESP: Boko says Batswana are in deep trouble

Leader of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) , Duma Boko says Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi and his party Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) have pushed Batswana into deep trouble by encouraging them to register companies in preparation for tenders under Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP).

Boko was speaking at a combined UDC and Botswana Congress Party (BCP) candidate launch in Ramotswa over the weekend. The combined opposition force was launching BCP candidate Seitiso Ditlhong for Kelemogile ward by-election. The ward became vacant after the death of BCP councillor, Molemi Rakgomo.

According to Boko, Botswana Democratic Party leadership led by Masisi are busy encouraging Batswana to register companies promising them tenders under the ESP.

He says this means Batswana took their last P360.00 and registered companies, a move that the government is celebrating to an extent of Vice President Masisi bragging about it in  Parliament that every month about 1000 new companies are registered.

“After Batswana have fully registered their companies nothing is coming forth under the much hyped ESP. Now because they own companies and they won no tenders under the ESP, BURS will be knocking at their doors for tax returns,” said Boko.

He said failure to submit tax returns means that BURS is going to penalise Batswana and charge them.

“Batswana are not aware that they are in a big trouble just because of Masisi and his party. The BDP leadership lacks the truth. They go to an extent of lying to the same nation that voted them to power,” said Boko.

Boko said currently the BDP leadership have nothing to explain to the public about the ESP because it’s finished and the members of the ruling party alone are the ones who benefited. 

“ESP tenders are awarded at Masisi’s office. Even the members of the ruling BDP are not happy about it. Some of them came long way with the BDP. Today they are sidelined and the newly recruited members in the name of Lotty Manyapetsa and Bagalatia Arone are at the forefront of everything. This is how cruel the BDP is even on its loyal members,” said Boko.

He further urged the youth to send a strong message to the BDP during the Kelemogile Ward by election scheduled for 16th July by voting Botswana Congress Party candidate. You should send a youthful candidate like you to council so that she talks about your challenges as youth. You should vote for women and empower them.

Asking for votes from the people of Ramotswa BCP leader Dumelang Saleshando said Ditlhong is the hope for Kelemogile ward. He said it is important to consider women in political offices.

Saleshando emphasized that women should be given a chance to prove themselves adding that they should not be judged just because they are women.

“You should show by voting Ditlhong on the 16th July that you are capable as youth to run this country,” he said.


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