Thursday, July 18, 2024

Eugene Jackson, Banjo Mosele plan to release albums at the Duma FM re-launch

Young music sensation, Eugene Jackson, and legendary jazz maestro, Banjo Mosele, are set to release their albums before the end of this year.

The two revealed their plans to The Telegraph on Friday at the Dia Duma Jazz Festival at Botswana Craft. They were performing at the launch of the revamped Duma FM.

The re-launch festival kicked off with a resounding performance by phenomenal folklore singer Stampore. The folklore maestro has since grown from a one man band to a live performer who is always backed by a full-fledged band. He performed his all time hit, Ha Modimo o ka nthusa, along with many of his old but refined tunes. There is no doubt that Stampore has grown from a simple guitar player to a world class performer, and his ever improving performance has earned him many fans in the country.

Stampore was followed by Ikalanga jazz artist Ndingo Jowa. He also lived up to his reputation, keeping fans on their feet with his deep voice and impeccable guitar skills.

But the toast of the night was young Afro-pop sensation Eugene Jackson who was accompanied by his father Clement Jackson and their band members.

He serenaded his fans with his hits, among them Phantsha and Ke Wago.

Eugene Jackson has earned himself a hoard of fans among both the young and the old. His Setswana themed love songs have struck a very lucrative cord with local music lovers.

The ever humble Eugene Jackson later told The Telegraph that he is where he is today because he is sitting on the shoulders of giants.
“I am still growing. I am grateful that I grew up among music legends. I want to keep Banjo and my father’s legacy alive,” he said.
He also revealed that he wants to repackage his current album, Live in Music, and add an additional four new tracks.

Eugene Jackson’s father Clement Jackson was also in his mettle. He was playing the guitar on the night, and he blended well with his son to give a supercharged performance that kept all his fans on their feet dancing the night away.

Banjo Mosele closed the marathon show with yet another exciting performance. He spiced up his performance by bringing along a traditional dance troupe called Matsetse, who blended well with the jazz maestro.

Banjo later revealed that he is currently working on another album, which will be released towards the end of the year. Some of the album’s tracks will be mixed in Norway.


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