Saturday, December 3, 2022

Evictee Motamma arrives back home in Botswana

Pint sized beauty, Motamma Sesinyi, former Big Brother Africa- The Chase contestant, enjoyed a warm welcome back home from Batswana after her four week stint in the Big Brother house.

The city born and bred beauty queen emerged remarkable despite her devastating loss of her maternal grandfather who she described as her mentor and someone she looked up to.

Motamma carried her unexpected eviction with grace and elegance and wowed the crowd from Johannesburg to Gaborone with no sweat on her brow.

She is no stranger to the limelight since she has been winning beauty pageants from the tender age of ten when she won Ms Tiny Tots until she assumed the title of Miss Universe Tourism Botswana, which molded her into the star that she is today.

“I have always been a people’s person,” says Motamma, which explains why she was able to adapt well in the Big Brother House, despite the differing cultures, nationalities and personalities.

A strong personality she was indeed since fellow housemate sensed it when she put her up for eviction despite her having not been nominated, a move Motamma described as tactful since she was staying well under the radar of fellow housemates.

“The late Brenda Fassie picked me from a crowd and told me I was destined for great things,” explained Motamma when relating on how she chose the path of being a model and beauty queen as part of her career during her formative years.

She said that her fame will not be used in vain as she intends to live by example and use it positively to influence the younger generation who look up to her.

Despite her exquisite looks and her numerous pageant titles, Motamma has managed to uphold the ‘Beauty with brains’ side of the coin since she is armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Science and engineering and she intends to continue using her intellect to influence the upcoming generations.

Motamma cites former Miss Universe, Mpule Kwelagobe, as one of the people who have inspired her and that she will continue to live by the guidance and tutelage of her late grandfather who taught her that kindness is the best virtue that can be possessed by an individual.

The beauty queen intends to continue to use her beauty and her brains to influence the youth of this country make education a priority and detour from alcohol and substance abuse.


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