Thursday, June 13, 2024

Exciting family fun activities at Inflatable Madness

End of year exams always come with a lot of stress; and this does not only apply to the children but to parents as well. What better way to release all the tension than to get together and have fun as a whole family!

Such an opportunity is presented by a 100 percent citizen owned enterprise called Genuine Adventures through its new offering; Inflatable Madness, an event that introduces new and exciting ways for families to have fun. As the name suggest, Inflatable Madness will feature a wide range of giant inflatables that are suitable for all ages.

The first of its kind in the country, the event will debut at Livingstone Kolobeng College on Saturday and Sunday, and will subsequently be held at the end of every school year, running over two days. Mpho Pilane, co-founder of Genuine Adventures said in an interview that her company aims to provide children with educational and fun programs through physical activities that far exceed the norm. 

“Our programs and events are specifically designed to meet the needs of children of all ages and skill levels, and they must be enjoyed with parents. We believe every child deserves an opportunity to experience fun in different and active ways,” she said.

Besides physical exertion, the activities are also meant to boost the children’s self-esteem, attitude and mental well-being. Other positive attributes that Inflatable Madness hopes to instill in children include confidence, leadership, self-motivation, lifelong fitness, knowledge and team work. 

“We want to curb boredom, encourage families to spend quality time together, promote networking from an early age and offer refreshing ways of having fun for everyone,” said Pilane.

She added that going forward they will tailor make their activities to fit the needs of clients, while always ensuring that the child comes first.

“Inflatable Madness marks the beginning of the festive season, but with a fresh new twist that is different from the norm. Our activities are held during the day. Because we understand that families have numerous other engagements, we have spread out our activities over a two day period to allow them to spend time together while still taking care of other commitments,” said Pilane.

Kids’ tickets for the event are sold at P80 for one day and P120 for two days. Adults’ tickets cost P100 for one day and P150 for two days. Kids under the age of five are allowed to get in for free. There will be food stalls at the event, but attendants are allowed to bring their own refreshments. Contact details for tickets are 74728636 and 72503103.


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