Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Facebook post earns student expulsion letter

In what will surprise and perhaps shock many, the MANCOSA College SRC President has been expelled following what the Management termed ‘posting a derogatory article on Facebook’.

The Telegraph is in possession of the expulsion letter dated 5th July 2013 authored by Patricia Tabengwa, who is the principal of the institution.

The letter addressed to Thebe Kutlwano Selotlego, asserts that the expulsion is in connection with charges laid against the accused, namely┬á “Posting a derogatory article using your Facebook page on MANCOSA Student Network and secondly, failure to appear before a duly constituted investigation team”.

The embattled student leader questions the timing of the expulsion and claims it was made after a long delay. According to the expulsion annexure depicting the Facebook post, the Management was labeled non-cooperative, regressive and incompetent.

It is the above comments that put a sudden full-stop to the student’s academic journey and perhaps his future. The student leader says the expulsion over opinions aired on social media has shocked him.

“How can one be dismissed from school on account of a Facebook post? How authentic is the Facebook?” he questioned rhetorically.

The student leader proceeded to say, “The whole thing is drama; and it is unbelievable!”

When contacted for comment, the MANCOSA authorities declined to comment. Tabengwa’s juniors said the Principal is engaged and they are not in a position to comment on her behalf.

The MANCOSA SRC President joins his counter-part, Limkokwing SRC President who was also been fired from school.


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