Sunday, May 19, 2024

Faith Mission gets shot in the arm, pleads for donations

Spurred by a desire to contribute to community development and assist the less privileged, a Motswana man from Shoshong village will next week leverage the social background of St Peter Apologist Faith Mission Church.

Situated in peri-urban village of Tlokweng, St Peter Apologist Faith Mission Church branch has for years been in a make-shift shelter on an open space.

Mothoothata Lesole will make a monetary donation to the church next Sunday as A contribution to enable the Mission accomplish their long-cherished dream of building a structure.

From a tender age, Lesole wished to contribute to the development of a church, although St Peter Mission Church was never in his mind.

“They approached me and I found it fit and opportune to answer the call which has been with me for a long time. I have made contributions to the less privileged than me especially in Kweneng but never contributed to a church,” Mr Lesole confided.

Formerly with the Water Utilities Corporation, Botswana Unified Revenue Service and Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency as head of legal affairs, Lesole has since joined the new Botswana Investment and Trade Centre as head of legal services.

“As proud citizens of Botswana with a common vision I consider it imperative that those who have been blessed by God in on one form or another and in varying degrees that they thank God by contributing to the less privileged,” he said.

He considers himself fortunate to come from a working class family, having been raised in a traditional way.

“I am not motivated by any personal agenda but just for the love of my fellow citizens and the communities they come from,” Lesole said, curiously a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Should that have been the case, he said he would have contributed to his church let alone one of Shoshong village churches instead of Tlokweng.

On numerous occasions the BITC legal advisor has contributed to empowering the less fortunate.

“This is ground-breaking for my life,” Lesole said, referring to his long cherished dream of assisting the church.


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