Sunday, July 3, 2022

Fears other tribes may support Kgafela grow

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party this week seemed to be on slippery ground amid fears that the shifting sands of politics were turning against them following a curious visit by a delegation of Batlokwa royals to the beleaguered Bakgatla royal family.

Batlokwa have now entered the Bakgatla saga with deputy paramount chief of the tribe, Kgosi Michael Spokes Gaborone, last week leading a delegation to Kgatleng suggesting a gesture of solidarity.

Information reaching Sunday Standard suggests that other tribes are expected to pay a visit to Mochudi and close ranks around Bakgatla paramount chief Kgafela Kgafela who is locked in a bitter marathon fight with government.

Both Kgatleng and Tlokweng are traditional opposition strongholds.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, the Batlokwa deputy paramount chief Kgosi Gaborone confirmed the visit to Mochudi.

“Yes it is true that I led the delegation that went to Mochudi on behalf of Batlokwa paramount chief kgosikgolo Puso Gaborone,” he said.

He said that it is too early to divulge what they discussed with Bakgatla because they have not yet consulted with Kgosikgolo Gaborone and Batlokwa.

“Historically, both Bakgatla and Batlokwa are one family therefore it was very important we pay them a visit to get first hand information.”

“We want honest people and peace in this country,” he concluded.

Meanwhile the suspended deputy paramount chief of Bakgatla, Kgosi Bana Sekai, said Batlokwa royal family paid a visit to Mochudi to get first hand information on the differences between Bakgatla and the government. Sekai would not discuss details.

He said Batlokwa were the first tribe to visit Mochudi to seek first hand information.
However, historian and political analyst Dr Rodgers Molefhi said the move taken by Batlokwa is a sign of solidarity.

“I suspect that some other tribes will follow suit to support Bakgatla, especially those led by young chiefs,” he said.

He added that some other tribal groupings, like Lentswe La ba Tswapong, Kamanakao and Society of the Promotion of Ikalanga language might also give support to Bakgatla.

He further said, politically, this is a threat to the current government because if most tribes were to break ranks with government, this would cost the ruling party most constituencies. With general elections around the corner, this could deal a devastating blow to the ruling party.


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