Saturday, May 28, 2022

Feeling a bit lazy for excercise?

You might have joined different gyms and quit for a number of reasons! Many people do that!
The motivation that you have when you start is usually immense, but as days passby, it slowly decreases and you happen to just quit and subconciously return to the ‘burger’ life!

Regular physical activity has many benefits. It makes you feel good about yourself and thereby giving you the srength to cope with life challenges. It gives you more energy and keeps stress at bay.

Regular physical activity keeps depression and anxiety away, gives you good sleep and also helps you to burn excess fat in your body ÔÇô a good tool for weight loss hey?

Tight work schedules could be the main limiting factors for you, but please don’t lose hope. Do something when you just get that little time! Just get yourself an indoor bicycle and do a few spins every morning. It will make a difference. A skipping rope will do as well if you are still stronger and younger.

Get up and start your engine. It’s not yet late. Try the following and enjoy your exercise program:
Take it slow and be patient. Start with low to moderate level activities and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts as you become more fit.

Avoid being hard on yourself; take it easy and make it fun. Take your partner for a walk or do ten minutes of skipping rope or cycling inhouse.

Chose activities that are full of fun! These will make you feel younger and lighter. The more fun the the better!

Be flexible and schedule your activities accordingly. Life is not fixed. Your workout time should be convinient.

Entertainment can be the best companion. Get yourself a collection of your favourite beats and soothe your soul while you are spoiling your body and soul.
Focus on your health and not weight.

Live and enjoy exercise. Integrate your program with sporting activities of your choice.
Spice your program, and get a good mix. Do not just stick to one monotonous activity. Cycle today, skip tomorrow and try something else after that.

Surround yourself with friends who are supportive. Get a company of people who would encourage you when your motivation decreases. Avoid negative people, they can be discouraging at times.
Make it a family hobby. Enjoy with your family members.

Various illness may limit your ability to do certain exercises. These include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases or any chest problem. Please seek advice from your doctor or physiotherapist about appropriate exercises for you. Your exercise may need to be lighter, and you may need more time to try as little as you can. If you experience chest problems or shortness of breath even with little activity just inform your health care providers.

It is also important to note that these illnesses need strict compliance to medications, especially if there is failure of some organs. Fight hard with all you have; take your medications, eat a well balanced and healthy diet, do not miss your routine check ups, excercise as adviced by your healthcare providers and forget about the suffering. Get well!
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