Sunday, April 11, 2021

Fego Caffe: a unique place to relax while eating the best food

A relaxed welcoming feel on a first floor in the Central Business District (CBD), exuded by waiters and waitresses clad in their brown uniforms, leads you to Fego Caffe, an Italian franchise, filled with Italian inspired cuisines on the menu. The eatery has been in existence since June 2009.

Apart from a welcoming feel, Fego boosts a quite noticeably clean environment that accords the diner a chance to freely decide where to sit. The non smoking area is located in the caffe while the smoking area is outside with open and closing roofing that can be adjusted depending on the customers’ requests.

Upon arrival, one gets a treat from the manager to taste the Fego lemonade filled with ice and garnished with lemon slices and mint leaves to add some colour .The cold juice has a fresh tangy taste to it.

The assistant manager, Boitumelo Lazarus says that Fego is top when it comes to hygiene. He also mentions that they serve healthy food more so that they use olive oil and remove visible fat from the food when preparing it.

Lazarus points out that within the Italian inspired menu, there are also vegetarian dishes to cater for those who do not eat meat and other meat products.

Every food section, such as breakfast, has a vegetarian dish.

He further says that they do not keep readymade food but rather prepare a meal upon receiving an order, whether by phone or directly from their customers.

On top of that, Fego also offers their customers freshly baked cakes and muffins as well as a variety of coffees and milkshakes. However, the restaurant does not serve alcohol because of its halal restrictions.

On talking about Fego’s popular foods, Lazarus counts the top three pizzas as Cosmo, Fego and piccante pizzas.

The grill boasts of Steak, eggs and chips as the favourite and the salads are Fendi and Prada Salad.
We were treated to the Prada salad by Chef Phetogo Botsie who explained that it consists of grilled chicken mixed with sweet chili, avocado, cheddar, olives, tomatoes, olives and Halloumi cheese. Prada is quite a colourful and inviting salad, garnished with greens and reds.

The Halloumi cheese has a hard surface and a savoury cheesy taste with a sponge like feel inside the mouth. The chicken, on the other hand, is tender because of the sweet chili used.
With all the garnishes, the salad lived to expectation.

Notable tit bits about Fego are that the menu offers a variety of meals to choose from, such as starters to meat filled steaks. The restaurant’s location allows their customers to get a clear view of the city.

There is a vast parking space and Fego is also within a reasonable walking distance for the Phase Two residents.

The prices are also reasonable and do not exceed P200. The atmosphere is relaxed and more mature, with most diners being around and over 25 years of age.

And the most important aspect that keeps you going back to an eatery joint is there, the service cannot go unmentioned. Every waiter on duty is available to help whether they are the ones serving you or not.


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