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Fifty shades of Grey premier sold out

It has to be the most anticipated movie of 2015. There had been so much talk about Fifty Shades of Grey even people who had not read the Erika Michele James’ books could not wait to hit the cinema for the movie. The movie, based on the book of the same title, premiered at all Capitol Cinemas around Gaborone on Friday and the tickets had sold out at least two days prior to the screening.

Marketing manager, Chengetani Batlegang confirmed to Lifestyle that the tickets for the opening night were all sold out. “We are also almost fully booked for the second day (Saturday),” Batlegang said.

“I tried to get a ticket for tonight (Friday) but I was told they were sold out,” said a disappointed Lebang Baleseng. Interestingly, she has never read the book from which the movie is based. “I have heard so much about the books I feel I cannot miss out on the movie.”

She said the movie has come at an appropriate time (Valentine’s) because from what she heard it’s all about love, lust and relationships.

Amanda Evans was one of the early birds fortunate enough to get a Friday ticket for the movie, which premiered worldwide on the same day.

Like Baleseng she had not read the book either and her enthusiasm was just as much. But why so much interest in the movie?

“I remember at some point there was so much talk on social media about the books and I just needed to know why,” Evans said. “It’s human nature to be curious.” She said the curiosity intensified after she saw the trailer but at the time she could only guess what the real story was.

“Apparently there’s a young woman who falls madly in love with this guy who seems to be a woman magnet,” she said.

Unlike Evans and Baleseng, Lerato Tebogo has read all the three books by James and knows exactly what the story is all about.

“After reading the books I want a visual interpretation of what Christian Grey (leading male character) looks like,” she said. “I want to find if he is anything like the guy I pictured in my mind while reading the books.” The books have been criticised by some people for what they call objectification of women and promotion of sexual violence but Tebogo does not see it that way. “Other people may see it as violence, exploitation and objectification of women but other people see it as sexual liberation,” she said, adding, “so much stuff happens behind closed doors in our bedrooms that other people may not be comfortable with but to the people involved, it’s their idea of sexual gratification.” Tebogo said there is a good reason the books have become such a hit with the world audience. What about those who label Anastacia Steele (the leading female character) a gold digger?

Tebogo does not see it that way. “She never asked for a penny and Christian was the one willing to spoil her.” Movie synopsis:

When Literature student Anastasia Steele, goes to interview billionaire Christian Grey as a favour to her roommate, Kate Kavanagh, she meets a handsome, brilliant and to a certain extent ,intimidating man. Innocent and naïve, Anastacia falls for Grey despite his enigmatic reserve and advice. She finds him incredibly irresistible.

Not able to resist Ana’s beauty and independent spirit, Christian Grey admits he wants her too, but in his own terms. Ana hesitates as she discovers his eccentric tastes. Perhaps due to his success- his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, and his loving family Anastacia soon discovers Grey is consumed by the need to control everything. If the reviews of James’ books are anything to go by, then Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie, is a must watch.


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