Friday, January 21, 2022

Fifty-year old woman murdered in Gakgatla

Police have deployed detectives all over Thamaga village in search of unknown assailants alleged to have been involved in the murder of a fifty-year old woman in Gakgatla over the weekend. The deceased met her death while resting near a public bar due to fatigue.

The Acting Thamaga Police station commander assistant superintendent Otsile Gaboinewe said the police are investigating a case in which the corpse of a fifty-year old woman suspected to have died from strangulation was found next to her motor vehicle in the early hours of Sunday morning this week.

According to Gaboinewe, information provided to the police alleges that the deceased who came from Gakgatla village met her fate from unknown assailants while sleeping in her unlocked car near a public bar in Gakgatla.
Contrary to allegations of death by strangulation, the police strongly believe there was foul play.

Gaboinewe said, “although the incident has just occurred and is still fresh, the police are still trying to piece together the circumstances which resulted in the death of the woman. Further allegations indicate that the deceased who was self-employed and made a living from selling trees at Broadhurst Business Services (BBS) Mall was from the Gakgatla cattle post.

It is believed that on the night, she parked her car near the bar before dozing off to sleep due to fatigue. Further allegations suggest that she did not lock the car doors before falling into a deep sleep. The police rushed to the scene after being alerted by a passer-by who reported of a woman sleeping in front of the public bar. They quickly rushed her to the Thamaga Primary Hospital Emergence Unity where medical doctors certified her dead.

“I am not in a position to speculate what led to her death as investigations are still fresh. The post mortem report will reveal what caused her death. The medical pathologist will also examine whether the deceased might have been raped before being killed,” Gaboinewe said.

He appealed to members of the public to assist them with information that will lead to the arrest of the assailants.

Meanwhile Gaboinewe indicated that there are also investigating a similar case in which a form five female student aged 18 from Kagiso senior secondary school in Ramotswa was murdered last Thursday.

He said the murder suspect aged twenty-one employed at Trade World in Gaborone was arrested after the death of the student that occurred in Mmankgodi. “Although the motive behind the murder is still yet to be established, there are rumours of an existence of a love triangle.” he said. Giving a cautionary to the students, Gaboinewe urged them to desist from engaging in premarital love affairs and pay more attention to education as their future depends on good academic performance.


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