Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fighting Homosexuality through music

“Like apartheid was a form of discrimination and was finally fazed out, so will discrimination against homosexuality,” were the words of Dylan Taylor, co-founder of Dylan Taylor records, a new record label aiming at composing and producing music that will reduce and possibly eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The record label will specialize in producing mainstream urban modern popular music in Pop, R&B, Electro Dance Music, Hip Hop, House and Rock and currently have 30 performing artists, 4 of which are fully active and the rest are still working on their albums.

In the spirit of keeping it patriotic, Dylan Taylor Records adopted the diamond as the main feature in their logo which they describe as the “Botswana’s number 1 export.” The main color is blue which constitutes as the main color in the Botswana flag. Their logo also encapsulates tourism through the use of a horn which could also belong to a cow which will represent the beef as a main commodity exported.

Dylan Records prides itself in being a patriotic organization. Taylor explained that there has been a lot of resistance towards certain decisions taken by government in relocating the indigenous people from the Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve which they are in full support of. He further stated that they were also in the process of raising funds to establish a game reserve which will be situated in the Northern part of Botswana which they will name, “Lady Ruth Khama Game Reserve.”

The game reserve intends to address the many ills like modernization of the wildlife areas, poaching, deforestation and the overall greenhouse effect which are detrimental to the flora and fauna, the back bone of the tourism industry in Botswana. Dylan Records has also released a song titled ‘Let’s go wild now’ dedicated to the problems. Taylor describes the song as a metaphor and that it, “Rings a clarion call to Batswana to work together and amicably solve this problem in a way that will be lucrative and acceptable to both the tourism and beef sector.”

Dylan Records has a vision to promote tourism, national pride and fight discrimination through the use of music. With regards to homosexuality, Taylor explained that discrimination is nothing new citing that there have been a lot of forms of discrimination on many levels that have existed before and they have been advocated against and ultimately won. “We will teach Batswana to accept homosexuality through the art of music,” stated Taylor.


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