Wednesday, June 7, 2023

FirstRand CEO visits Botswana

The First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB), a subsidiary of FirstRand Bank, this week hosted the Chief Executive Officer of FirstRand Banking Group, Sizwe Nxasana, who shared his views and expectations when doing business at FNBB with the bank’s corporate customers.
Nxasana’s experience in the financial services industry includes non-executive directorships since 2003 at FirstRand Bank and Rand Merchant Bank, non executive Director of NBS Boland Bank from 1995 ÔÇô 1998, non executive Director of the Development Bank of South Africa from 1994 ÔÇô 1998 and Chairman of the Mesele-Hoskens Insurance Group from 1994 ÔÇô 1996.

His visit was therefore to meet customers to get an insight into the activities of the businesses locally.
Nxasana, who was on his second visit to Botswana since taking over as the CEO of FirstRand Bank, said the reason behind this visit was for him to meet customers and get an insight into the activities of the businesses locally.

“It is important for us as stakeholders to always interact with our customers so as to find out those key issues that are facing them,” he stated.

Botswana, he said, has very strong fundamentals such as its economy, which is growing rapidly and the micro-economy which helps boost the private sector. He said it is very important to have the leading light in countries such as Botswana to show the outside world that Africa is still attractive to do business with.

Nxasana stressed that it is very interesting to see this country promoting partnerships between private sectors and its government saying this will help with the establishment of the Investment Technology in Botswana.
“Sending the right message to investors out there does not only help business grow, but also attracts more business to Botswana,” he stated.

Nxasana said there are many immerging markets in African and Asian countries and due to this, the world is now becoming less Westernized. He said increasing trade against immerging market shows that there are opportunities to make money hence this will create more opportunities for Botswana. “It is important for us to show the world that we are committed in investing in the African economy.”
The CEO of FNBB, Danny Zandamela, said, “FNBB as a financial institution believes that as customers’ needs and expectations constantly change, the challenge is, therefore, to not only provide general banking services and access to banking facilities but also to understand the operations of business partners on one-on-one business approach.”

When they first opened for business in Botswana, Zandamela said little did they know that today they would have grown to be recognized as one of the largest banks in Botswana, let alone to be leading the pack in the battle in providing innovative solution.

“We achieved all these through conducting customer surveys, listening and responding to customer needs, and we have emerged as first in many areas in Botswana,” said Zandamela, adding the FNBB is the first bank to introduce a Pula-based credit card, the first bank to provide its customers with internet banking, the first to bring Batswana in Contact which is the real time transaction based sms or email messaging.

“FNBB is the first to bring its clients the mini ATM, the first in Botswana to establish a charitable foundation, and the first to introduce Cellphone Banking,” he added.

As FNBB is committed to bringing banking services to the areas where it previously had no presence, Zandamela said they continue to increase their footprints in Botswana. Reflecting on some of the latest expansion into their branch network, he revealed that they opened a branch in Serowe and one in Selibe-Phikwe, with a complete new look and feel.

“These branches, according to Zandamela, offer their customers comfortable and secure places to carry out business.”


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